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Married at First Sight Chapter 2705-Kevin said, “I will go to the Queen family to see Hayden later and ask her if she has time in the evening. The two of us will accompany you. You don’t have to worry about the old woman attacking you tonight. The two of us will follow and let the old woman know that even if you come here by yourself, there is still someone behind you.

The old woman wants to crush you to death in Jensburg, but she has to think carefully about it. Not only us, but even Hayden’s power in Jensburg, the old woman will be afraid of it.”

Liberty said, “It wouldn’t be good to drag Hayden in, right? The Queen family and the Farrell family usually live in peace and harmony. We can’t drag her in just because of our personal grudges with the Farrell family.”

Getting involved with Kevin was something that couldn’t be helped.

Liberty’s sister, Serenity, was Kevin’s sister-in-law. Even if Kevin did nothing, in the eyes of Matriarch Farrell, Kevin was still on Liberty’s side.

Kevin said, “What’s wrong? From now on, Hayden will be my wife. She is the second young mistress of my York family. People know she is on our side even though she doesn’t do anything.”

Liberty laughed at him: “You haven’t even caught her yet, so you say she is your wife. You are so thick-skinned. I think Hayden is so entangled by your thick skin that she can’t help it. A martyr girl is afraid of pestering her husband.”

Kevin was that troublesome guy—the kind who was particularly difficult to deal with.

Kevin said, “My elder brother has summed up the experience for me that when chasing a wife, I have to be thick-skinned.”

Liberty said nothing.

Zachary had never chased his wife, but he also summed up a set of experiences in chasing his wife for his cousins.

Kevin said, “Sister Liberty, it’s settled. Hayden and I will accompany you to Farrell’s house tonight.”

Liberty thought for a while and agreed, not refusing to involve Hayden.

Besides, Hayden had already been involved.

Liberty said, “Then you’re busy; I’ll go out for a walk first; see you in the evening.”

Kevin hummed and personally escorted Liberty out of his office.

After Liberty entered the elevator, Kevin turned around and walked back while calling Hayden.

Hayden was so busy that when she saw the call coming from Kevin, she didn’t bother to pay attention to him and didn’t answer it.

Kevin sent her a message instead, telling her to accompany Liberty to Farrell’s house for dinner tonight.

It took a long time for Hayden to reply with one word: OK.

Sitting back at his desk, Kevin stared at the one-word message from his sweetheart, then took out the unfinished love letter he had hidden and compared it with the few pages he had written eloquently. Hayden was really stingy, so she gave him a one-word reply.

“Knowing that you are busier than me, I won’t care about you so much. Who told me to fall in love with you?”

Of the two, he was the first to be tempted and the one who bowed his head first.

“You are so busy, but you are still willing to reply to me with even one word. I should be satisfied.”

Kevin muttered to himself, then picked up the pen and wanted to continue writing a love letter.

For a while, he couldn’t write any more. He muttered, “I was interrupted by Sister Liberty when I was just about to get inspired. Now I don’t know what to write. Forget it; let’s write some earthy words.”

He repeatedly wrote the words “I love you” at the back of the love letter.

Liberty didn’t expect that her visit would interrupt Kevin’s inspiration to write a love letter. She had never written a love letter before. She had received many love letters in school before from Hank.

She wrote countless love letters. The feelings at that time were really pure.

Unlike later, too many impurities had penetrated into it, and it was no longer pure.

As Liberty was moving through Jensburg, she was aware that Matriarch Farrell was keeping an eye on her every move, just as she was keeping an eye on the Farrell family’s movements.

Time passes quickly, and it’s evening in a blink of an eye.

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