Married at First Sight Chapter 2706 by Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2706-Liberty returned to the Fortress Hotel, but Kevin had not returned yet. He sent Liberty a message and asked Liberty to wait at the hotel. He would pick up Hayden and be back soon.

Kevin held a large bouquet of money and stood guard at the door of Queen Enterprise’s large conference room.

Hayden was still in a meeting.

She was really busier than Kevin.

When running such a large company, there were endless meetings, endless documents to process, and endless business discussions every day.

It was getting close to getting off work, the sky was dark outside, and Hayden was still in a meeting.

The wind was particularly strong in the evening.

Kevin especially wore a coat when he went out so that Hayden could cuddle up to him to keep warm.

Hayden: She doesn’t need to cling to him for warmth.

After Kevin waited for ten minutes, the door of the conference room was opened, and the senior managers who participated in the meeting walked out one after another.

As soon as they came out, they saw Kevin holding a large bunch of money. Everyone stopped talking and greeted Kevin politely.

“Mr. York.”

“Young Master York.”

Some people call him Mr. York, and some people call him Young Master York.

Kevin smiled back.

After everyone walked away, they discussed in a low voice: “Mr. York is really the most difficult and shameless man I have ever seen.”

Their company’s young and cold-hearted Mr. Queen was turned on by Kevin.

Kevin didn’t need to listen to guess that these people would repeat the same old tune once they were far away.

Even though they were polite to him in front of him, they were scolding him behind his back.

Hugh was behind the managers. He came out, saw Kevin, and smiled at him. When he saw clearly that Kevin was holding a large bunch of money in his hands, he immediately stepped forward and squinted. He stretched out his hands and said, “Mr. York, it must be hard for you to hold such a large bunch of money. Come on, let me share it with you.”

Kevin turned aside to avoid his outstretched hand, then freed up one hand to pat Hugh’s hand away, saying, “It’s not heavy; you don’t need to share it. Where is your brother?”

“My brother is inside. How come such a large bunch of money isn’t heavy? Give it to me, and I’ll hold it for you. I won’t think it’s too much for you if you send a few more like this.”

Hugh pretended to steal money again.

Kevin kicked him, forcing Hugh to take a few steps back. He had no choice but to grab money nearby.

“Kevin, if you kick me, you are not afraid that I will sue you in front of my brother.”

Kevin was not afraid of the threat from his future brother-in-law at all. He in turn threatened Hugh: “Believe it or not, I will go to Uncle and Auntie to file a complaint against you. I will tell Auntie that you are not young anymore. You have to think about major life events. Let’s arrange blind dates for you every day.”

Hugh and Hayden were twins.

The siblings were only ten minutes apart.

Hugh had indeed reached the marriageable age.

Hugh said, “Mr. York, you are cruel! You won’t really complain, will you? My brother doesn’t like it because his tongue is too long. Forget it; I don’t want your money to be spent. It’s not like I haven’t seen money spent before. I have plenty of money to spend.”

Hugh didn’t really want to, but every time he saw Kevin waiting for his sister with a bouquet, he couldn’t help but tease Kevin.

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