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Married at First Sight Chapter 2707-Hugh walked away with a smile, walked a few steps, and then came back. His handsome face came close to Kevin and he asked carefully, “Mr. York, are you really going to file a complaint against me in front of my mother?”

Kevin said, “If you don’t file a lawsuit against me, I won’t file a lawsuit against you.”

Anyway, the two of them were keeping each other in check.

Kevin was afraid that Hayden would be angry, while Hugh was afraid that his parents would force him to get married.

Even if Mr. and Mrs. Queen didn’t urge the marriage, it would still be enough for Hugh if they scolded him.

Now, in the eyes of the second elder of the Queen family, Kevin was the treasure, and he was more favored than Hugh.

Hugh often complained in front of Hayden, suspecting that he was not the biological child of his parents. His parents liked Kevin so much, so he and Kevin may have been exchanged.

Hugh felt that his status was the lowest in his family.

Alas, who told him to pass through thousands of flowers without a single leaf touching him?

If he brought a girl home, his status in front of his parents would skyrocket.

Thinking of his parents’ desire for their daughter-in-law, Hugh felt that even if he brought his girlfriend home, he would still be the one with the lowest status because his parents’ enthusiasm for Kevin would be transferred to his girlfriend.

No matter how rare a son-in-law was, the son-in-law was someone else’s son and wanted to marry their Queen family’s daughter.

But the girlfriend his son brought back would marry into the Queen family, that is, the Queen family. Naturally, Donald and his wife pay more attention to their future daughter-in-law.

“Just say it.”

Hugh muttered, “When I find a girlfriend and bring her home to compete with you, my parents won’t like you as their prospective son-in-law.”

Of course, Hugh just muttered and would not really do that.

He had never met the girl who could make his heart beat and make him want to end his single life.

The fate had not arrived yet.

He was not in a hurry.

There was no point in being anxious.

Hayden waited until everyone left before she came out of the conference room.


Kevin came forward with money and flowers in his hands, his handsome face smiling brightly.

Hayden: “Don’t call me honey; it sounds disgusting and makes my skin crawl.”

Kevin: “Okay, it’s up to you, wife.”

Hayden: “Kevin!”

Kevin: “Okay, okay, stop barking. Hayden, this bouquet is for you. It won’t wither, and it’s very practical.”

Hayden reluctantly took the bouquet of money flowers he handed over and said, “I told you not to send them, but to send them every day. These will not wither and take up a lot of space.”

Her room was now filled with big bunches of money, all given by Kevin.

She was busy at work and came home very late. She just wanted to wash and go to sleep quickly. She had no time or inclination to pick these money flowers.

If he sent it a few more times, her room wouldn’t be able to accommodate it.

It had to be stuffed into her study.

“I heard that girls like two kinds of flowers the most: one is to spend when they have money, and the other is to spend casually. So I give you both.”

When Kevin said this, his voice was soft, and his eyes were locked on Hayden’s beautiful face. Seeing the tired look on her face, he felt heartbroken.

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