Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1050 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1050

“Mr. Lewis is already here. Hurry up, get up, and go outside to bring him in,” Serenity said as she once again got out of bed.

Zachary tried to pull her back onto the bed once more, but she expertly dodged him.

As he watched her walk to her wardrobe to take some clothes, he said, “It’s not like I asked him to come over and wait. He wanted to come over, so just let him wait. Once Kevin is here, we can get Jim to go out and lead them both in to save Jim from making the trip twice.”

Serenity picked out the clothes she was going to change into and also grabbed a suit for Zachary

“I’m on leave, so I’m not wearing a suit.”

Serenity turned back, holding the suit, and very quickly grabbed a different set of clothes for him to change into.

She walked into the bathroom to change, and Zachary said to his wife’s receding back as he held his clothes, “Honey, we’re already an old married couple. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about changing in the same room.”

Serenity could not be bothered to respond.

In private, that pervert’s words became increasingly provocative and flirtatious.

Some things really were just in a man’s nature and did not need to be taught for him to know it.

When Serenity exited the bathroom, Zachary was still sitting topless on the bed. Seeing her come out, he spread his arms and a smile bloomed on his handsome face.

“Honey, wanna hug.”

Serenity was speechless.

She walked over and snatched away the shirt he held in his hands. Then she pulled him up and helped him put it on as she said, “If you get a cold because you didn’t put your shirt on, I’ll make you get jabs every day and suffer from the pain!”

Zachary dropped his smile and complained, “Honey, am I not at all charming? You’re actually not moved at all. Are you not going to count how many packs I have?”

“We’re already an old married couple. How could I not know what your body looks like? If you want to show it off, you can wait until summer arrives and then show it off. What’s the point of showing off your body now? If you catch a cold, it’ll get all twisted. That’s what you’ll get if you try to look cool and not keep yourself warm.

After buttoning his shirt, Serenity stood on her tiptoes to whisper something into his ears. Nobody knew what she said but a certain Mr. York was all smiles and hugged Serenity tightly before he returned to his usual serious gentlemanly image.

“Honey, you’re a rotten egg if you’re lying to me.”

“Fine, fine, I’m a rotten egg if I’m lying to you. A person can’t turn into a rotten egg after lying anyway- aren’t you still human after lying to me for months?”

Cat got Zachary’s tongue immediately.

He was overwhelmed with guilt.

After dawdling for about another ten minutes, the couple came out of their bedroom.

Grandma May had already gotten up and was doing yoga on the balcony.

Serenity asked the man beside her in a whisper, “Nana does yoga?”

“She’s constantly wandering about outside. Sometimes, she’ll go to the park to brag with people of the same age, so she picked a few things up that way.”

Grandma May’s ears were vigilant and she replied to her grandson, “I go to the park often to brag to my peers about my nine grandsons. Other than my youngest two who are still studying, my other seven grandsons are all outstanding. They’re handsome, rich, filial, and loyal.”

Zachary was lost for words.

Could he say that Grandma May was actually bragging?

“When I praise you, it’s like you’re deaf. But when I say something negative about you, your hearing is suddenly very sharp.”

Grandma May stopped her yoga flow and added, “That’s because when you praise me, my hearing isn’t very good and I can’t hear clearly, so I want you to praise me more and louder. When you scold me, my hearing’s great so I don’t miss a thing.”

Zachary pursed his lips. Forget it. He could never win against his Nana. Young people should not stubbornly argue with their elders. He should respect his elders and care for the young, after all.

Grandma May asked as she walked in, “Zack, are you not making breakfast today? I wanted to freeload on Serenity’s privilege and taste your cooking again.”


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