Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1054 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1054

Grandma May patted the back of Serenity’s hand as she spoke.

“You and Zack haven’t held your wedding yel anyway. It’s not too late to have a child after the wedding. You should enjoy your romantic time together during this time.”

It was fine as long as the young married couple was not taking contraception methods. They would have a child sooner or later.

Serenity responded with a hum. She was not in a hurry, so she would just go with the flow.

“Zack ”

Grandma May suddenly asked Zachary, who was driving, “Has Callum made a move?”

“How would I know? I only care about what he does in the company. I don’t care about what he does after work, He’s an adult and not a three-year-old kid. He doesn’t need his big brother watching over him.”

Grandma May choked.

“Nana, do you mean Camryn7”

Serenity added. Tve seen her in person.

Grandma May had long known that Serenity and Camryn had met She even knew Serenity had helped Camryn at the banquet, but she pretended not to know since Serenity did not bring it up with her.

When Serenity stood up for Camryn at the banquet, a sharp-tongued person even called Tania the next day to stir up trouble. After being reprimanded by Tania, Mrs. Walker even went around saying that Tania was very defensive of her daughter-in-law

Following that, everyone in the circle knew Tania was a protective mother-in-law. Even though many people thought that she and Serenity did not get along, nobody dared gossip about Serenity in front of her anymore

Grandma May was exceptionally satisfied with her daughter-in-law’s approach.

No matter what, a daughter-in-law was a part of the family. Tania would not allow outsiders to make thoughtless remarks about Serenity

If the Yorks wanted to be wealthy for a long time, their family needed to be harmonious. Marriages in the family would be especially important. As the saying went, a good daughter-in-law would lead to good children and grandchildren When Grandma May was looking for suitable matches for her sons, she made it clear that it was not one’s family background that was important, but one’s character

All of her daughters-in-law had good characters. Now that it was her grandchildren’s turn, she still selected matches for them according to the same standard.

“What do you think of her?” Grandma May asked Serenity with a smile. She was also very pleased with how Serenity stood up for Camryn at the banquet

Serenity would be the missus in charge of the Yorks in the future. She needed to know how to stick together with her sisters-in-law.

I only met her once, so I can’t tell yet. That said, I can be sure from what she said that she’s not as weak as she looks Zachary said that she’s a person with a story

Zachary suspected that Camryn’s biological father was killed by her own mother in conjunction with her stepfather. She lost the protection of her father at a young age, and her mother was more ruthless than any stepmother could ever be. It was certainly not simple for Camryn to be able to come this far.

“She’s Callum’s story, so let him find out. We’ll watch the show from the side.”


Serenity looked like she was eager to watch the show.

She believed that the others had also been watching the drama unfold between her and Zachary for a long time. It was her turn to watch the shows of her brothers-in-law now.

“Nana, what’s the name of Camryn’s flower shop? I’ll bring her business someday when I have time.”

“Her store has a very random name. It’s called Spring Blossoms.”

Serenity remembered the name of Camryn’s flower shop.

With someone to chat with, the journey did not feel long. They soon arrived at Wildridge Manor.


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