Married at First Sight Chapter 2059 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2059 by desirenovel

“Ring Ring.”

Camryn’s cell phone rang. She hurriedly pushed the man who kissed her whenever he got the chance.

Callum turned her face, fixed her head, not letting her avoid his kiss, and said in a low voice, “Don’t care.”

As he said that, he pestered her and forced her to linger with him for a while before he reluctantly let her go.

The butler stood at the door of Camryn’s room. He knew that Camryn’s room was equipped with soundproofing materials, so he called Camryn instead of knocking on the door.

Camryn didn’t answer the phone.

After he took the initiative to cut off the call, he waited for a while and called the Camryn again.

This time, Camryn answered the call.

“Miss, the oldest mistress of the York family is here.” The butler was respectful and authentic on the phone.

“Let her in, and I’ll be going downstairs soon.” Camryn’s voice was calm and nothing unusual could be heard.

The butler couldn’t figure out what the two of them were talking about in the room. If it was a lonely man and a widow living in the same room, they were an engaged fiancée, so they were not afraid of others’ jokes.

The butler respectfully replied: “Okay.”

Then, he moved the phone away from his ear and cut off the call.

He leaned against the door again, but couldn’t hear anything, so he turned and went downstairs desperately.

Camryn who was in the room pushed Callum away, followed him up, straightened her clothes calmly, and asked Callum, “I don’t look strange, do I?”

Callum’s eyes wandered over her body recklessly, and he smiled lowly: “I didn’t mess up your clothes, so what can you do?”

Even though they were a fiancée, the most intimate thing he had ever done to her was to kiss her, and he didn’t dare to cross the threshold for anything else.

He loved her, respected her.

After receiving the marriage certificate and having the wedding ceremony, it was only natural for him to turn into a hungry wolf.

Another point was that Camryn still didn’t know what Callum looked like, even though she had touched his face countless times with her hand, she still imagined his appearance in her mind, and there were deviations.

He hoped that they would become a real couple after her eyes were healed, that way, she would know what her husband looked like.

His words made Camryn’s face stained red.

Her shy appearance was so charming that Callum almost couldn’t help it, and was about to turn into a wolf.

He hurried out of the small study to open the door.

Seeing that there was no one at the door, he knew that the butler had gone downstairs.

He waited at the door for Camryn to come out.

Camryn first entered the bathroom and washed her face before walking over slowly.

“Callum.” Camryn yelled.

“I am here.” Callum took her hand and said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you downstairs.”

Camryn: “I can go downstairs myself.”

Callum: “With me here, you don’t need to rely on yourself.”

Camryn smiled, said nothing, and let him lead her downstairs.

The butler had already invited Zachary and his wife into the hall. The couple were sitting on the sofa, and on the coffee table in front of them, there were fruits and snacks.

Footsteps were heard on the stairs, the couple both looked up at the stairs, and saw Callum leading Camryn down the stairs together, Camryn’s pace was calm, people who didn’t know, from her pace at the moment, couldn’t see it at all. It turned out that she was blind.

She was in her own home, acting like a normal person.

Callum: “Brother, sister-in-law.”

After Callum took Camryn downstairs, he came over and said hello to his brother and sister-in-law.


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