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Married at First Sight Chapter 2709-At the same time, the Farrell family,

Matriarch Farrell held a family banquet and invited Liberty to come over for dinner.

People in the Farrell family mansion have been busy since noon.

Many people in the family came over to help. Since Matriarch Farrell said it was a family banquet, everyone attending the banquet tonight was from the Farrell family. Anyone with some status in the Farrell family was allowed to attend.

Ordinary clan members or those who had broken away from the relationship with Matriarch Farrell in the fifth server couldn’t attend.

This made many members of the Farrell family feel unbalanced. They felt that since Matriarch Farrell said it was a family banquet, he should invite everyone from the complete clan to eat.

Even if they left the fifth server, they still have the surname Farrell and were members of the Farrell family.

Why couldn’t they attend the family dinner?

They became even more dissatisfied with Matriarch Farrell.

They were dissatisfied, but they didn’t dare to speak out for fear of being known by Matriarch Farrell and being retaliated against.

Matriarch Farrell treated ordinary tribesmen even worse than strangers, which made many ordinary tribesmen miss the previous Matriarch. When the previous Matriarch was alive, she treated ordinary tribesmen equally and did not create hierarchies.

As long as it was a family banquet, everyone in the Farrell family could attend.

The previous Matriarch and the current Matriarch were biological sisters from the same mother, but their behavior was very different.

They heard that the two daughters of the previous matriarch had been found.

Some people discussed privately that the Farrell family was afraid that things would change again.

The gorgeous main room was full of people, and naturally, they were all high-status people from the Farrell family.

They chatted with Matriarch Farrell, and they were extremely flattering to her.

“Auntie Farrell, why didn’t I see Uncle Janzen?” A man asked casually. He had been sitting for a long time since he came in, but he didn’t see Holden, so he asked.

As soon as he spoke, everyone looked at him.

When everyone looked at the man like this, he suddenly realized that something had happened that he didn’t know about.

He was on a business trip for half a month and just came back this morning.

After coming back, his parents told him that the head of the family was hosting a banquet tonight and his name was on the list of guests, so he hurried to the Farrell family mansion.

He and Holden usually got along well with each other, so he asked Holden after he hadn’t seen him for a long time.

Matriarch Farrell said calmly, “He is not feeling well. He is resting in his room. It is not suitable to see guests.”

After Holden was beaten violently by Matriarch Farrell, he did not dare go out to see anyone for a few days.

That injury had actually healed long ago. It’s just that Holden felt ashamed to meet the Farrell family members.

He was a doorman, and in the Farrell family, his life depended on his wife’s face. In the past, the couple behaved affectionately, and his wife was willing to give him face in front of the clan members. The Farrell clan members were quite polite to him.

But he was caught cheating on his wife and was beaten violently by her. This matter spread throughout Jensburg.

When the Farrell clan members gathered here, he would be criticized as long as he showed his face.

No matter how thick-skinned or good-hearted Holden was, he couldn’t bear everyone’s repeated criticism.

Therefore, he hid in his room and did not dare to go downstairs.

Matriarch Farrell also left him alone.

The couple was not divorced, but there was a rift, and they could never go back to the past.

Matriarch Farrell couldn’t deceive herself. After all, her marriage was not as happy as her sister’s.

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