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Married at First Sight Chapter 2710-The eldest sister could gain the loyal following of that man, and the brother-in-law also truly loved her sister, unlike her and Holden, who always had selfish motives.

It was nothing pure.

Such a good-looking man was indeed unreliable!

“Uncle Janzen is not feeling well. He needs to have a good rest.”

The man knew that Matriarch Farrell was lying. He followed the steps given by Matriarch Farrell and did not dare to ask about Holden again.

The others quickly found other topics to talk to Matriarch Farrell.

The butler hurried in, walked to Matriarch Farrell, and said respectfully, “Master, Miss Liberty is here.”

The people in the room became quiet again.

Matriarch Farrell turned to Shiloh and her three sons beside her and said, “You brothers and sisters, please go out and receive Liberty. Even if you are elders, Liberty has come so far away, and the visitor is a guest. We must treat her thoughtfully.”

According to seniority, Liberty should call her son cousin.

“Mom, we get it.”

Marco responded. He led his younger siblings to get up, walked out of the gorgeous main house, and walked towards the entrance of the villa.

Before they reached the door of the villa, he saw Kathryn’s car driving in. Following Kathryn were several black cars.

Kathryn parked the car, got out of the car quickly, and directed the cars to find an empty space to park.

Then she walked straight to a Mercedes.

Liberty got out of the car.

Kathryn smiled and extended her right hand to Liberty, “Liberty.”

Liberty shook hands with her and said, “Excuse me.”

Kathryn: “Don’t say anything disturbing. My mom is hosting a family dinner tonight and inviting you over for dinner. She treats you as a family member. You don’t have to be formal here; just treat yourself as if you were at home.”

Liberty smiled and did not answer.

Marco came over with his brothers and Shiloh.

Liberty stood in front of Kathryn, watching the three men and one woman getting closer and closer to them.

Kathryn turned around and saw her brothers and Shiloh, so she introduced Liberty: “The man in the gray suit walking in front is my eldest brother Marco; the one on his left is my second brother; and the one on the right is my third brother. That woman doesn’t need my introduction; you know who she is.

“It seems that your mom still loves her very much.” Liberty said.

Kathryn said self-deprecatingly, “After all, she grew up by mom’s side and has deep feelings. It is not comparable to her biological daughter, who has only been with her for two years.”

“Tonight, please be careful and don’t drink.” Kathryn suddenly reminded Liberty in a low voice.

She had just come back from the company. She knew all about the three sisters-in-law who were behind the scenes and plotting against Shiloh. Then she pretended that she didn’t know, and she kindly wiped their tails for them so as not to be discovered by her mom in advance; otherwise, there would be no good show.

Liberty thought that Kathryn reminded her that it was Matriarch Farrell who would poison her wine. She looked at Kathryn, and Kathryn winked at her.

Liberty never imagined that she would see a wonderful show if she came here tonight.

The three young mistresses of the Farrell family wanted to plot against Shiloh and Holden, but they hadn’t found a good time yet. Unexpectedly, Matriarch Farrell suddenly said that she would hold a banquet tonight and treat everyone to dinner. This made Erika secretly happy, thinking that this was the best time to take action.

There were so many people, and it’s chaotic.

They heard that Matriarch Farrell also invited Liberty from Wiltspoon. Liberty was the eldest granddaughter of the previous matriarch. This identity was very sensitive for the people of the Farrell family.

Erika told her two sisters-in-law that if they start tonight, Matriarch Farrell might suspect Liberty. Even if she doesn’t doubt Liberty, it would be cruel to let Liberty see the ugly behavior of Holden and Shiloh. It would be a slap in the face to Matriarch Farrell.

Matriarch Farrell would be particularly angry. The more angry she was, the more miserable Shiloh’s fate would be.

All in all, tonight was a good time for them!

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