Married At First Sight Chapter 2711 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2711-Marco walked up to Liberty with his brothers and Shiloh, and introduced himself politely: “Miss Hunt, I’m Marco, the eldest son of the Farrell family. I heard my mother talk about you. In terms of seniority, you should call me eldest uncle.

And this is my second brother, and this is my third brother. This lady is Shiloh. I think you already know them.”

Marco also introduced his younger siblings to Liberty.

Liberty just nodded to them and called Mr. Janzen politely.

She didn’t call Marco uncle.

When she saw Matriarch Farrell, she didn’t even call Matriarch Farrell Grandma, let alone Marco.

Matriarch Farrell did not publicly admit that Audrey and Liberty’s mother were her nieces.

Last time, when Matriarch Farrell went to the Stone family and met Audrey, her attitude towards the enemy was obvious.

Enemies, why bother talking about family ties?

Besides, there was no family relationship between them.

There was hatred and resentment.

Shiloh said: “Children without parental upbringing are always lacking in etiquette, and they don’t even say a word when meeting their elders.”

Liberty looked at her and asked her, “Who are you, my elder? Matriarch Farrell has never asked me to call her elder in front of me, so who are you? You are not a member of the Farrell family! Why are you barking here?”

After a few words, Shiloh was choked up and turned pale and speechless.

If she wants to show her respect as an elder in front of Liberty, it would be weird if she didn’t get criticized by her.

“Liberty, let’s go in; my mother has been waiting for you inside.”

Kathryn ignored Shiloh and led Liberty towards the main house with a smile.

While walking, introduce the beautiful scenery in the Farrell family mansion to Liberty.

The four brothers and sisters stood there and did not follow immediately.

After Kathryn and Liberty walked away, and it was certain that even Liberty’s bodyguards could not hear their words, Shiloh angrily said to Marco, “Brother, you see Kathryn is paying less and less attention to us.

And that sea spirit, what the h*ll! She’s just an orphan, a divorced woman; do you think she’s the queen? She came here and asked us to come out to greet her, but she didn’t give us a face. We are her elders, but she only called you Mr. Janzen, which is so unfamiliar, and there is no tutor at all.”

Marco said, “Mom didn’t tell everyone that she was my aunt’s granddaughter. Naturally, she won’t mistake her relatives.

Mom is hosting a banquet for prominent members of the family tonight, and she’s also invited Liberty over. I think what she means is to publicly acknowledge Liberty’s identity as her aunt and granddaughter, and maybe wait until it’s made public before letting her recognize her relatives.”

This was what Marco said.

Sage, the third young master Farrell, said, “Logically speaking, Mom wouldn’t do this. If Liberty’s identity is recognized, wouldn’t the people in the clan automatically gather around her? There is a rumor that her mother is our auntie. Even if it is spread that her mom was killed, if it spreads for a long time and spreads to more people, some people will believe it.”

Marco pondered for a moment and then said, “What Mom wants to do or what she does is not something we can control or change. Just look at it. Even if Mom means that, it has nothing to do with us. The one who should be worried is Kathryn.”

Kathryn was now the successor of the Farrell family.

If the clan members gathered around Liberty and formed a force with Liberty as the leader, they would definitely compete with Kathryn for the position of head of the family.

Liberty was a descendant of the previous head of the family. If she wanted to fight for the head of the family, it was natural for her to fight for it.

Therefore, Kathryn was the one who should be anxious, not her brothers.

Their surname was Janzen, not Farrell.

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