Married At First Sight Chapter 2712 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2712-Regardless of whether Liberty fights for it or not, it is not their turn to take the position of head of the Farrell family. Unless all the women of the Farrell clan die, they will have a chance to take the position of head of the Farrell family.

“It seems that Kathryn is very enthusiastic about Liberty, like a sister.”

Although there was a generation gap between the two, Kathryn’s attitude towards Liberty seemed to be like that of sisters.

Liberty also gave Kathryn a face and was gentle and polite to Kathryn.

Shiloh’s jealousy toward Kathryn showed up again. The power, status, and identity that Kathryn had originally belonged to her.

Without Kathryn, she would still be the person in the Farrell family who was second only to her mother and could call the shots.

When she went outside, others flattered and fawned over her.

It’s not like when she went out; no one pays attention to her now.

Her former best friends gradually drifted away from her because of her change of status.

Only then did Shiloh realize that the friends who had once surrounded her were all there for their status. After she became her mother’s goddaughter, even if her surname was Farrell, she was already a fake daughter in the eyes of others.

Those people were all real rich ladies in their families. With different levels and statuses, the distance from her was gradually getting farther and farther.

Even the second-generation ancestor, who had missed her a lot in the past, also turned his attention to Kathryn.

Kathryn’s appearance was not as good as hers, but society was too realistic.

“Kathryn is used to acting. She has tricked us all before. Let’s go in. Mom asked us to come out to receive the guests. The guests have gone in, and we are still outside. Who knows if Kathryn will say bad things about us in front of mom? Dad also won’t show up tonight. We’ll have to go and persuade him later.”

At this point, Marco sighed and told his brothers and Shiloh, “Anyway, we have to keep our tail between our legs these days. Don’t make any more mistakes; otherwise, Mom will really kick us out of the Farrell family mansion.”

Sage whispered, “I really can’t bear to let go of that beauty of mine.”

The mistress Marco kept must have good looks, a good figure, and be much more charming than his wife, not as old-fashioned and boring as his wife.

After his wife gave birth to two children, her figure became even worse than the wild flowers outside.

Matriarch Farrell ordered the three sons to get rid of their mistresses and cut off contact with them. Otherwise, they would be kicked out of the family and could no longer interact with others as the young masters of the Farrell family, which was equivalent to severing their relationship with the Farrell family.

Sage said: “Let a friend of yours support her on the surface, but in fact we have to pay for it, and then when you get together with your friends, you can relieve the pain of lovesickness.”

That’s what Marco did.

On the surface, Marco was no longer with the woman outside, but in fact, he was still living happily.

This kind of cheating was very difficult to change.

No matter how well-born or good-looking the wife at home was, they would get tired of it after looking at her for a long time.

Men, how many of you don’t like novelty?

Sage had kept eight mistresses instead of ten. When he got tired of them, he would introduce his mistress to other men and let others take care of them. This way, he ensured his mistress’s material life and would not break up with her.

Anyway, those women who were not on stage are pursuing a material life. It didn’t matter if men changed one after another, as long as they could still ensure that they continued to live a good life.

Shiloh said to Sage, “Third brother, please lower your voice; otherwise, others can hear it. If you poke it in front of my third sister-in-law, the third sister-in-law will have to make trouble again. If they make trouble, mom will attack you again. Will the redness and swelling on your face disappear, and you will not be able to remember it?”

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