Married At First Sight Chapter 2713 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2713-Sage quickly looked around and whispered, “No one can hear it, right?”

He dared not speak loudly in his own home.

This made him feel uncomfortable.

He also disliked the Farrell family’s rules more and more.

In other families, sons took over, but in the Farrell family, it was the daughter who took over.

In the Farrell family, the status of daughters was higher than that of sons. Even if they have the blood of the Farrell family in their bodies because they are born male, it is not their turn to be the master of the family.

Shiloh said, “Kathryn and the others have gone far away, and they shouldn’t be able to hear you. Three brothers, I just want to remind you that you are reluctant to bear the beauties outside and don’t bring it to face. Don’t let my three sisters-in-law know that, even if mom is at home. Mom wants to favor you, but if my sisters-in-law’s parents come to make trouble, Mom will deal with you. Are you willing to divorce them?”

Marco said, “The women outside are just for fun and will not marry home. Their family background and status are not worthy of us.”

The mistress Marco kept had a very poor family. He gave his mistress an allowance of $10,000 every month, and she was very happy. Although his wife, Erika, didn’t come from a wealthy family, her family, the Irwin Family, did own some assets that could support him in his business.

Marco had always been ambitious. Knowing that it would not be his turn to inherit the Farrell family’s business, he thought of collecting the money himself. He held a high position in the Farrell Group, and with the help of the Irwin family, he did business in partnership outside. Through the Irwin family, if they help, he can make a lot of money from the Farrell Group.

That money was his.

The Irwin family also had some bad evidence about him. If he and his wife divorced and the Irwin family gave that evidence to his mother, he would not be able to finish them all and carry them around.

Besides, he and his wife had given birth to several children, so they always had to think about their children.

He would never get divorced.

Sage said. “Brother, you’re right. No matter how young and beautiful the women outside are, they are just for fun. Shiloh, you should always speak nice words to your brothers in front of your sister-in-law, so that we can ease the relationship between husband and wife.”

After Erika found out about Marco’s cheating, she made trouble several times, and the Irwin family also had a lot of objections to him. His elder brother-in-law even warned him that if he did it again, they would destroy him.

Marco was quite afraid of Erika’s brother, who was a j-e-r-k. If he offended him, he might really be destroyed.

Shiloh said, “The three sisters-in-law are more dissatisfied with me. They blame me for protecting you, and you can see it. Now the sisters-in-law are so affectionate toward Kathryn. I see, they just think that I have no chance to take over, so Please Kathryn, and hug Kathryn’s thick thighs.”

Recalling the slap she received from Erika that day, Shiloh’s eyes filled with hatred.

She had never experienced that kind of humiliation when she had grown up.

But no one could blame it.

Alas, after the adoptive mother came back, her bank card was still frozen. The adoptive mother had no intention of helping her unfreeze the bank card. Then she wanted to spend money, but she spent her own private money.

The tenants of the shops under her name said that the business was not doing well, so they closed down and moved out. She wanted to rent them out again, but so far there were no new tenants.

She had put some shops up for sale, and there were people who came to see the shops, but they all wanted to kill her price, which was very low.

After more than twenty years of smooth sailing, she thought she was the proud daughter of heaven, but when Kathryn came back, she was nothing.

“Come on, come on, hurry in.” Shiloh urged everyone to go inside.

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