Married At First Sight Chapter 2714 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2714-The four siblings were worried that Kathryn would say bad things about them in front of their mother, and it was not good for them to chat outside for too long, so they hurried inside.

After Kathryn brought Liberty into the house, everyone in the house looked at her and felt that she looked very familiar.

Matriarch Farrell sat motionless on the main seat, and the seats next to her were filled with people, all of whom were high-status members of the Farrell family.

“Liberty, you’re here.” Matriarch Farrell said politely and then ordered the butler: “Bring a stool to Miss Hunt and let her sit on it.”

Liberty looked around the room, and when the butler brought a small stool over, she said sarcastically to Matriarch Farrell, “Mrs. Farrell, if you don’t want to treat guests, stop pretending. I came from afar, and you specially sent someone to the Fortress Hotel to invite me. I was invited over, but there was not even a place to sit. Mrs. Farrell, your hospitality really opened my eyes.”

After finishing speaking, Liberty turned around and left, saying to the bodyguards, “Let’s go!”


Matriarch Farrell called Liberty in a deep voice and said, “Not a single person in this room is younger than you. All of them are older than you. You can’t let your elders make way for a junior of yours.

There is a small stool for you to sit on. It gives you a place to sit in this room. It is already a great honor for you.”

No one else spoke or dared to speak.

Knowing that this familiar woman was Liberty from Wiltspoon, they could guess whose descendant Liberty was.

In terms of seniority, everyone here was Liberty’s elder.

But Liberty was a descendant of the previous head of the family. According to the rules of the Farrell family, Liberty was the serious successor. People like them from the Farrell family would not dare act in front of the successor, no matter how senior they were. Acting like an elder.

The head of the family wanted to take advantage of their elder status to get the upper hand over Liberty.

The intention was, naturally, that she didn’t want Liberty to come back and compete with Kathryn for the position of head of the family.

Liberty sneered: “I only know that I am a guest. Mrs. Farrell, if you treat me like this, then it is clear that you’re not treating your guests well. Also don’t tell me about elders. If my grandmother hadn’t died in a conspiracy or in an accident, you wouldn’t be arrogant in front of me!”

Audrey told Liberty that there were only three daughters in her generation. Serenity and Elisa both made it clear that they did not want to take over, so Liberty would be the successor of the Farrell family. When Liberty arrived in Jensburg, Audrey told her not to be afraid of anyone, not even the Farrell family.

With the identity and pretensions of the orthodox successor, she and Matriarch Farrell started to fight openly.

Matriarch Farrell looked ugly. “My eldest sister died in an accident, not in a conspiracy.”

Liberty said, “How my grandmother died is known to heaven and earth. Mrs. Farrell, you also know. You can deceive anyone, but you cannot deceive heaven and earth.”


Kathryn called Matriarch Farrell, “Mom, since you invited Liberty to be your guest, don’t do anything embarrassing and treat her with courtesy. Even if you don’t treat Liberty as a guest, she is my aunt’s descendant. Mom, you can’t do this to Liberty. Mom, no one should say that you’re guilty or scared.”

Matriarch Farrell had a dark look on her face: “Kathryn!”

Matriarch Farrell was very angry when her biological daughter said this to her.

Kathryn said, “Mom, am I wrong? Guests come from far away. If we don’t treat the guests well, if word spreads, it will affect the reputation of our Farrell family.

Mom, the more you make things difficult for Liberty, the more people think the rumors are true, and the more people will think that you’re guilty and scared.”

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