Married At First Sight Chapter 2715 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2715-“Liberty,” Kathryn walked past and stood in front of Liberty. She solemnly apologized to Liberty and said, “Liberty, my mother is old and a little confused. What she said and did was a little too much. I apologize for my mother.”

Liberty said, “This has nothing to do with Mrs. Farrell. If Mrs. Farrell doesn’t treat me as a guest, I don’t have to stay any longer.”

With that said, she led her bodyguard group, bypassed Kathryn, and walked out of the house.

Matriarch Farrell’s face turned black with anger from their own daughter, and they were also half-infuriated by Liberty’s strength.

Upon meeting Audrey in Wiltspoon, Audrey asked her to grant Liberty and Kathryn the right to compete, to regard Liberty as the Farrell family’s heir, and to grant Liberty the status and treatment that come with being the younger sister of the Farrell family.

How could the Farrell family be willing? Matriarch Farrell knew that Liberty came here with her eldest niece’s plan to seize the throne, so she specially held a family banquet and invited Liberty to come over, but she wanted to use her status as an elder to overpower Liberty.

But Liberty didn’t regard them as elders at all.

In Liberty’s heart, she was a distinguished guest invited by Matriarch Farrell. If Matriarch Farrell suppressed her, she was not treating her guests well.

Why does she stay if no one welcomes her?

Liberty would naturally leave.

It’s not like she came over shamelessly; it was Matriarch Farrell who sent someone to invite her, so she came over.


When Liberty walked to the door of the house, just as she was about to leave the house, Matriarch Farrell finally called out to Liberty.

Then Matriarch Farrell got up and walked past Kathryn.

She took a few deep breaths, tried hard to adjust her emotions, and said gently to Liberty, “Liberty, your grandma is my eldest sister, and I was raised by your grandma. I am your aunt, and I am also the current head of the Farrell family. You are indeed my junior.

Everyone in this room is your elder… Indeed, if my eldest sister had not died, you would be her descendant and the successor of the Farrell family. In our Farrell family, the status of the successor is second only to that of the family.

In front of other people, there is no need to bow to juniors. Although you are not the successor of our Farrell family now, you are the descendant of my eldest sister. Just now, well, I was indeed disrespectful.

I’m already seventy-one this year—almost seventy-one years old. As we get older, we will inevitably become a little confused. Don’t argue with me. Tonight, you are a distinguished guest in our house!”

Matriarch Farrell endured her anger, and after Liberty apologized, she invited her back.

A person as arrogant as her is willing to bow her head and invite Liberty to come back. Liberty wouldn’t believe it if there weren’t some ghosts tonight.

Liberty dared to come and was mentally prepared.

She walked down the steps to Matriarch Farrell. When Matriarch Farrell asked her to come back, she returned to the hall, surrounded by bodyguards.

Then, the rest stood up in unison, no longer daring to act like their elders.

They started adjusting their sitting position.

Liberty sat down with Kathryn. She was a guest and a descendant of the previous family. She was supposed to be the successor, so she thought she was qualified to sit with Kathryn.

In this big family, the only one who could be ranked in front of her was Matriarch Farrell.

Kathryn looked at Matriarch Farrell and then at Liberty. She said to the room full of clan elders, “From now on, Liberty will be the same as me in our family. Everyone should treat Liberty with the same attitude.”

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