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Married at First Sight Chapter 2716-Kathryn continued: “Tonight, Liberty is not only an honored guest of our Farrell family but also wants to let everyone know who she is and what our Farrell family’s status is. After you go back, please talk to your family members in a good manner. If you meet her on the road in the future, when you come to her, be respectful.”

Everyone looked at Matriarch Farrell.

Matriarch Farrell was dissatisfied with the fact that their biological daughter was making trouble, but she knew that sooner or later in this family, their biological daughter had the final say.

Picking up Liberty and giving her the status of successor was also a great test for Kathryn.

Shiloh didn’t have the capital to compete with Kathryn, but Liberty did.

Matriarch Farrell thought that since her daughter was willing to raise Liberty’s status and compete with Liberty, she would help her daughter. If her daughter won, she would be able to secure her position in the family with confidence. There is no need for others to criticize you in private then.

If Kathryn loses… and the position of the Farrell family returns to the hands of Liberty, it will be God’s will.

Of course, Matriarch Farrell would not really watch as Liberty snatched it away and returned it to her.

If Kathryn is useless and loses to Liberty, Matriarch Farrell still has three sons. At worst, she can change the rules of the Farrell family and allow sons to take over, or she can select young women with outstanding abilities and train them to continue to fight Liberty. As long as Matriarch Farrell still has breath, she will not let her eldest sister’s descendants sit at home easily.

After Matriarch Farrell thought about it a thousand times, she did not stop Kathryn from acting on her own.

“What Kathryn said is what I want to tell everyone. I was confused just now. Don’t imitate me and be confused.”

Matriarch Farrell said it with a guilty look on her face.

She spoke up, and everyone became more respectful toward Liberty.

Liberty snorted coldly in her heart. Matriarch Farrell was the most shameless old woman she had ever seen. If she is old and stupid, there will be no smart people in the world.

“Liberty, from now on, the Farrell family will be your home. You will be here, just like in your own home. You don’t have to be restrained.” Matriarch Farrell said it politely.

Liberty was also polite and said, “I felt a sense of familiarity as soon as I came in. I feel like this is my home. You don’t have to worry about me being restrained. I will definitely treat this place as my own home. My mother and aunt also used to live here, too.”

This meant that without Matriarch Farrell to compete for the throne, she would just live here.

Matriarch Farrell sighed. “Yes, your mother and your aunt used to live here, but I live elsewhere.”

This was the residence of the Farrell family. She moved out of the Farrell family mansion and lived in another house when she became an adult.

“After dinner later, let Kathryn take you around to familiarize yourself with the environment. By the way, Liberty, you can move in instead of staying in a hotel. You are a descendant of the Farrell family. If you stay in a hotel when you’re in Jensburg instead of Farrell’s house, that’s not good.”

Matriarch Farrell invited Liberty to move into the Farrell family mansion.

Liberty refused: “Now, I won’t move in. It’s more convenient to live in a hotel. I have to run around every day, so it won’t affect everyone.”

When she wanted to move in, she avenged her grandma and the others, taking back the position of the Farrell family, and moved in openly as a winner, and then the entire Farrell family’s family moved out from here.

There is no room for tigers on a mountain. If she were the winner, she would not allow the Farrell family to live here again. Of course, if she loses, she won’t be able to move in.

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