Married At First Sight Chapter 2717 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2717-Matriarch Farrell said, “Then, if you need help in the future, you must tell me. I dare not say that I can rule the world with one hand in Jensburg. I still have a wide network of contacts and can help you a lot. You came here this time to do business, right?”

Liberty said, “It’s for business; why not? What do you think I am here for?”

She asked Matriarch Farrell in return.

Matriarch Farrell smiled and said, “I thought you came here to recognize your ancestors and change your surname to Farrell.”

Liberty said, “I don’t need to recognize my ancestors and return to the clan. As long as the blood of the Farrell family flows through my body, I am a descendant of the Farrell family. Whether I recognize my ancestors and return to the clan or not, it cannot erase the fact that I am a descendant of the previous head of the Farrell family. “

Matriarch Farrell was speechless.

Liberty just talked to her like she had a gun and a stick in her hand.

Matriarch Farrell’s personality and abilities were very similar to those of her eldest sister, and she was a replica of her eldest sister. In other words, her eldest sister’s bloodline, Liberty, was indeed the most promising to compete with her daughter Kathryn.

“Madam,” the Butler came over at the right time and said respectfully, “It’s time to have a banquet.”

Matriarch Farrell smiled and said to everyone, “It’s time to have a banquet. Let’s take a seat.”

After saying that, she stood up and said to Liberty, “Liberty, let’s go; let’s sit down at the table.

Let your bodyguard go with my butler. After all, this is a family banquet, and there are people from our Farrell family at the table. Look, my bodyguard is also outside.”

Before Liberty could speak, Matriarch Farrell added, “Let them eat with the others, not drive them out. Don’t worry, your people who came with you will also leave with you.”

Liberty signaled the bodyguards to follow the butler out.

When Matriarch Farrell made a gesture of invitation to her, she also made a gesture of invitation to Matriarch Farrell.

The two walked at the front together, while Kathryn silently followed behind them.

She was thinking that when the old woman invited Liberty to a banquet, she definitely didn’t do it to show off her power and make things difficult for Liberty.

Even if she wanted to do something to Liberty at the banquet, she would not do it because there would be too many witnesses and it would be difficult to explain to the York family.

How exactly will she harm Liberty then?

While Kathryn was guessing, Liberty was also guessing.

She had the same idea as Kathryn.

If Matriarch Farrell didn’t know how to do something, even Kathryn wouldn’t believe it, let alone Liberty.

If Matriarch Farrell really didn’t want to do anything, she wouldn’t tolerate Liberty’s wantonness.

Could it be that after she sat down at the table, her people were taken away by the butler, who then tampered with her car?

“Mr. Janzen isn’t here?”

After sitting at the table, Liberty suddenly asked.

Matriarch Farrell said calmly, “He is not feeling well, so we won’t ask him to come out to meet the guests.”

Liberty said, Oh, and did not ask any more questions.

The gossip about Matriarch Farrell and Holden had spread all over Jensburg.

It seems that Holden was beaten very badly.

It’s been a few days, and Holden still can’t come out to see guests. Maybe it was scrapped.

“Madam.” The butler came in a hurry again.

Matriarch Farrell, who was about to ask everyone to use their chopsticks, saw that the butler looked in a hurry, frowned, and said nothing, waiting for the butler to continue.

“Madam, Mr. York and Mr. Queen are here.”

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