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Married at First Sight Chapter 2718-Hearing this, Matriarch Farrell frowned at first, then put down their chopsticks, stood up, and said to their children, “Mr. Queen is here; you follow me out to receive him.”

Matriarch Farrell was not surprised that Kevin would come over.

Standing behind Liberty were the York family and the Stone family.

The identity of Kevin made people fearful, but the York family’s power in Jensburg was not as powerful as the Queen family, and it was the Queen family that the Farrell family was afraid of.

Hayden came uninvited, probably because Kevin called him to support Liberty.

It hinted to Matriarch Farrell that Liberty had no backers in Jensburg, and the Queen family was Liberty’s backers.

When she heard that Hayden was coming, Shiloh was quite nervous. She quickly looked down at the clothes she was wearing tonight. She knew that the old woman just invited Liberty over, so she didn’t deliberately change into an evening dress but just wore casual clothes.

Should she go upstairs and change into her dress?

It was too late.

Fortunately, the style of her casual clothes was also novel and trendy. When she wore it, it made her more dignified and elegant.

And she was light, pretty, and had a good figure.

Even if she didn’t wear an evening dress, she could still outshine the crowd.

Shiloh, who was confident, glanced at Kathryn, stood up, and followed Matriarch Farrell so that Hayden could see her at first glance.

Liberty did not follow her out.

She was not yet a member of the Farrell family, so she was not allowed to entertain guests.

Seeing the fake Shiloh occupying Kathryn’s position, Liberty’s eyes flickered. She heard that Shiloh liked Hayden very much.

However, Hayden was gentle and polite to Kathryn, the real daughter, and ignored Shiloh, the fake daughter, which made Shiloh furious.

Liberty cursed in her heart. When Hayden revealed her identity as a woman, Shiloh would probably be stupid, and her heart would be broken.

After Matriarch Farrell took her son, daughter, and daughter-in-law out, the other Farrell family members found an opportunity to get in front of Liberty, chatting and seeming acquainted.

Although it was difficult for them to have a chance to rise to the top, they were all human beings and knew why Liberty appeared.

Although Kathryn was the biological daughter of the current family member, because she was replaced by the previous butler, Kathryn grew up in the countryside and had only been back to the Farrell family for two years. The Farrell family tried their best to support her biological daughter, but the result was that none of it was obvious.

In the Farrell Group, Kathryn was scolded by her mother almost every day. She was scolded for being a country bumpkin and ignorant. She was scolded for being like mud and unable to hold up a wall. She always relied on the help of others to do anything.

That is to say, Matriarch Farrell has arranged for Mr. Fraser to follow Kathryn. Recently, Kathryn has had to do things to satisfy her.

That was also with the help of Mr. Fraser.

It’s not Kathryn’s.

Liberty was gentle and polite to Matriarch Farrell, making everyone feel that she was easy to get along with, but she was not a slut.

When Liberty and Matriarch Farrell were fighting each other, everyone saw it.

She didn’t give Matriarch Farrell any face, and everyone saw it.

The Farrell family felt that Liberty was worthy of being a descendant of the previous family member and was much better than the children of the current family member.

After a while, Matriarch Farrell and others came in, welcoming Kevin and Hayden.

Those who came were treated as guests.

Hayden naturally sat between Liberty and Kathryn so that she could chat with the two of them.

Shiloh had no chance to get close to Hayden, and there was Kevin.

After being polite, Matriarch Farrell entertained everyone for dinner.

In the past, Hayden never drank or ate at banquets, except for the evening. This made Matriarch Farrell very happy, and she felt that Hayden gave her face.

When everyone was chatting happily, Erika suddenly said to Matriarch Farrell, “Mom, dad is resting in the room and has not gone downstairs to eat. Let Shiloh bring dad some food up, so that dad will not be hungry.”

Matriarch Farrell’s expression remained unchanged, and she said, “Shiloh, bring your dad some food and drink; let him eat and rest. If he’s energetic, come downstairs to meet the distinguished guest.”

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