Married At First Sight Chapter 2719 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2719-Shiloh didn’t want to go, but her mother spoke, and Hayden was present. If she didn’t send something to her father upstairs, Hayden would think she was an unfilial daughter.

Everyone in Jensburg knew that Matriarch Farrell loved her more than Kathryn.

It was said that her parents favored her, the fake daughter, and treated Kathryn, the real daughter, badly.

If she is not filial, she has no image at all.

Shiloh wanted to rely on the Farrell family and then marry into a wealthy family and become a young mistress.

So, following her mother’s instructions, she prepared food and drinks for Holden and carried them upstairs herself.

Erika saw Shiloh going upstairs, exchanged glances with her sister-in-law, and then ate and drank from her as if nothing had happened.

Liberty noticed the eye contact between Erika and Anya and felt that these two women were hiding some secrets, but they asked Shiloh to do things, so they probably couldn’t plot against her.

She also communicated with Kathryn as if nothing had happened.

Occasionally, she would talk to Hayden.

Hayden didn’t talk much in front of outsiders and ate politely. Liberty felt it was a pleasure to watch her eat.

Grandma May was so awesome. The granddaughter-in-laws chosen by her were all the best.

Kevin would pick up food for Hayden from time to time and was considerate.

But Shiloh brought the food and drinks upstairs to her parents’ room door. She freed her hand and knocked on the door, but there was no movement in the room.

She knocked on the door again, shouting as she did so: “Dad, open the door; it’s me.

Dad, I brought you some food. You don’t go downstairs to eat. Mom has invited some important people from the clan to come over for dinner. The banquet is very lively.”

There was still no movement in the room.

Shiloh knocked for a long time before the door was opened.

Holden’s face was red, and he was holding an unfinished bottle of wine in his hand.

The strong smell of wine stung her nose. Shiloh frowned, took two steps back, and said to her father, “Dad, why do you drink so much wine?”

Holden said nothing, turned around, and stumbled back to the sofa.

Shiloh was silent before carrying the tray in, walking to the sofa, bending down, and placing the meals on the coffee table one by one. There was also a bottle of wine that had not yet been opened.

She put the bottle of wine on the coffee table and said, “Mom asked me to bring you a meal. This wine is for entertaining guests tonight. It is all good wine. It is much better than the bottle Dad is drinking now.”

Holden said, “I’m just a visitor. I want status without status, status without position, money without money, and power without power. It’s good if I can have a bed to sleep on and a bowl of rice to eat. How dare you ask for good wine to drink?

My status means I can only drink this kind of wine. It’s better to ask your eldest brother for this bottle of wine. Your eldest brother drank half of the bottle.”

Holden said that and took another sip of wine.

Shiloh: “Dad, you must have drunk a lot. Your face is red, and you were stumbling when you walked just now.”

Holden said, “I didn’t drink a few sips. I drank on an empty stomach and got drunk easily. I feel really hot now. Shiloh, sit down and have a couple of drinks with me.”

With that said, Holden took out the wine glass and filled Shiloh with a glass of wine.

Put the glass of wine in front of Shiloh and ask Shiloh to drink with him.

Shiloh said, “Dad, I drank that bottle, but you drank this bottle.”

Holden said, “I didn’t just drink from the bottle. Why do you even dislike me? Yes, I’m useless. The best achievement in this life is to have a few children with your mother. Your mother can control me. D*mn it, you all see how dad lives his life.”

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