The Mans Decree Chapter 3836

Chapter 3836 Seal The Painting
Kai slowly picked up the painting, studying it meticulously. Even the courtyard where he was standing was depicted with remarkable clarity.
However, when Kai picked up the painting to admire it, he noticed that something seemed to be faintly visible through the light shining on the painting from behind.
One could see a mere illusion, but not the reality.
“Could this painting possibly contain a painting within a painting?” Kai’s brows slightly furrowed.
The painting within a painting was essentially a piece of artwork concealed within another. It could only be seen under specific lighting conditions or when soaked in a special solution.
Kai picked up the painting, turning to Bianca and the others to ask, “Do you all notice anything else in this painting?”
However, Bianca and the others simply shook their heads.
“Mr. Chance, isn’t this just a painting of Infinitnus Celestial Sect? I don’t see any other artwork, do you?” Bianca asked.
Kai was truly puzzled. He lifted the painting once again, examining it meticulously under the light. Indeed, beneath the painting of the sect, he could discern a rather indistinct figure.
Kai attempted to activate his Nethersky Eye, for it had the power to cast aside all hindrances and perceive the true essence of things.
When Kai activated his Nethersky Eye, he noticed a gradual change in the painting. The once grand sect had vanished without a trace, and the previously blurred figure was becoming increasingly clear.
Suddenly, a figure appeared, shrouded in a black robe, a dark crown adorning his head, and a bone cane clutched in his hand.
This individual had eyes of the deepest black, exuding demonic energy. One glance was enough to make one feel as though they had plunged into a bottomless abyss.
Moreover, around this person, countless grotesque and grimacing malicious spirits lingered.
Atop the man’s black robe, a pattern resembling a ghostly face appeared to be radiating a certain glow. It was this very glow that seemed to be drawing the surrounding malicious spirits toward him.
Kai was extremely curious, wondering who the person depicted in the painting truly was. He seems like a Demonic Cultivator, but why is there a portrait of a Demonic Cultivator hidden within the painting of Infinitnus Celestial Sect? Isn’t this just too strange?
As Kai was utterly captivated, the figure in the painting seemed to come alive. The profound, dark eyes emitted a breathtaking glow.
At the same time, the surrounding malicious spirits, each baring their fangs and claws, were surprisingly rushing toward Kai.
This gave Kai quite a scare. He had never imagined that the malicious spirits in the painting could actually come to life.
Caught off guard, Kai let out a startled yell.
Simultaneously, the Golden Tome within Kai’s consciousness field unleashed a dazzling golden light in an instant.
Bianca and Yuliya hurriedly stepped forward to ask, “Mr. Chance, what’s wrong?”
Only then did Kai regain his senses, realizing that he was still holding the painting in his hand. The painting of Infinitnus Celestial Sect was still depicted on it.
He could no longer see the portrait of the Demonic Cultivator, let alone the malicious spirits.
“Did any of you see the malicious spirits?” Kai asked with lingering fear.
Bianca shook her head, answering, “No… Not at all. You were just standing there, holding this painting, looking as if you were lost in another world.”
“How odd? Could it have been just an illusion?” Cold sweat broke out on Kai’s forehead.
However, the sensation he had just experienced was incredibly real and terrifying, especially the glow emanating from the eyes in the portrait of the Demonic Cultivator. Kai felt as if he had plunged straight into hell itself.
“It wasn’t an illusion. Just now, a flash of golden light passed through your consciousness field, nearly costing my life,” Vermilion Demon Lord said, trembling.
Only then did Kai recall that the Golden Tome he had just identified in the consciousness field had suddenly burst into a golden light.
Even Kai himself didn’t know what was going on.
Kai turned to ask Vermilion Demon Lord, “Mr. Vermilion, do you know the person depicted in the painting? He seemed to be a Demonic Cultivator as well.”
Having just witnessed it himself, Kai thought it was certain that Vermilion Demon Lord could also see it.
Vermilion Demon Lord shook his head. “I don’t know, or perhaps I can’t remember. However, it’s apparent that this person has been sealed within the painting by Infinitnus Celestial Sect. The sect’s image painted on it is clearly used to seal him within it!”

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