The Mans Decree Chapter 3837

Chapter 3837 The Deep Pit
Kai’s face was filled with even more confusion and incomprehension when he heard Vermilion Demon Lord’s words. If this painting is meant to seal something, why isn’t there a hint of spiritual energy fluctuation? How could a painting designed to seal a demon lord possibly turn up in such an ordinary disciple’s courtyard? This doesn’t make any sense. Logically, it should have been kept in the most secure room within the entire sect!
Even though Kai remained silent, Vermilion Demon Lord still understood Kai’s unspoken questions.
“I think that the reason this painting doesn’t emit any spiritual energy is to prevent anyone from detecting it. Surely, someone wanted to save the person sealed by this painting. That’s why Infinitnus Celestial Sect made this painting devoid of any spiritual energy fluctuations, making it difficult for anyone to realize that such an unremarkable painting, devoid of any spiritual energy, could be a sealing object. It’s also placed in the room of an ordinary disciple, likely intended to mislead others. Outsiders would never suspect that such an important item would be stored in the room of a mere disciple. Perhaps the downfall of Infinitnus Celestial Sect is linked to the man in the painting…” Vermilion Demon Lord was analyzing the situation. However, he was also unsure of the specifics. All he could do was speculate.
“Who exactly is this person sealed in the painting, causing such a large sect to be on tenterhooks?” Kai was quite puzzled, but he didn’t recognize the person in the painting. Therefore, he decided to put the painting away temporarily.
At that moment, Holden and the others had also arrived. Without waiting for Kai to speak, they had already begun to search.
Since Kai had already gone in and checked, they believed it was safe.
Whenever there was something valuable, Kai would be the first to get it. They were content with just picking up the leftovers. After all, without Kai, they wouldn’t even have been able to get in.
Kai continued his exploration of the other courtyards. Although the previous two courtyards didn’t yield much, he did find a formation plate and a painting. Even though Kai had no use for them at the moment, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t come in handy in the future.
Kai, along with Bianca and the others, ventured further in. The deeper they delved into the sect, the more shocking the sight of the crumbling walls and ruins became. The destruction was severe, to the point where hardly a single building remained intact.
What puzzled Kai, however, was that despite delving deep into the sect’s territory, he hadn’t seen a single corpse.
Even after many years had passed, and the body had decayed, remnants of the stark white bones were supposed to be left behind.
However, not a single bone could be found.
This was rather peculiar.
The once prosperous big sect was then in a state of utter ruin.
The main hall of Infinitnus Celestial Sect had dramatically collapsed. In its place, a deep pit, a few kilometers in radius, had formed. It was as if something had viciously smashed into it.
This place had been the epicenter of the fiercest battles, so much so that not even the remnants of the ruined walls remained. All had turned to ashes.
“Stop following me. Wait here. I’m going to check out what’s in this deep pit.” Kai was extremely curious, wondering what on earth could have created such a deep crater in the main hall of Infinitnus Celestial Sect.
Bianca nodded in agreement. They understood that tagging along with Kai to explore uncharted territories wouldn’t be of any assistance to him. In fact, it would only add to his troubles.
Kai then cautiously ventured into the deep pit.
No sooner had he stepped inside than Kai was engulfed by waves of icy aura.
Despite the fact that Infinitnus Celestial Sect was located in the chaos dimension between the polar region and the northern region, it was not cold at all. It appeared that this chaos dimension was unaffected by the climates of the northern region and the southern region.
However, as Kai stepped into the deep pit, he felt waves of chilling aura.
As Kai ventured further into the pit, he ultimately had to tap into his inner demonic fire to ward off the chilling cold.
“It’s really strange. Why is it so cold here?” Kai was utterly perplexed.
Quickly, Kai reached the bottom of the large pit. The base was filled with the ruins of the main hall, and Kai was meticulously searching through them.

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