The Mans Decree Chapter 3838

Chapter 3838 Opposite Effect
However, after conducting a thorough search, he found nothing. Instead, the chilling cold only seemed to intensify.
Kai was at his wit’s end. Once again, he resorted to the use of his Nethersky Eye. With its aid, to his surprise, Kai discovered a stream of white mist continuously rising from the bottom of the large pit.
The reason for the chilly temperature within this large pit was due to this streak of white mist.
With all his might, Kai plunged the Dragonslayer Sword into the ground.
Suddenly, an even more massive burst of white mist erupted, scattering the surrounding dirt and debris of the ruined buildings all around.
At that moment, a stone, completely milky white and about the size of a head, appeared.
“Such a massive polar stone. Could it be that this deep pit was caused by it?” Kai gazed at the polar stone before him, feeling utterly astounded. No wonder the frost energy in this deep pit is so intense. It’s due to the presence of such a large piece of polar stone!
Kai reached out to grasp the polar stone, intending to lift it up.
But the moment his hand barely grazed the polar stone, his entire arm startlingly began to freeze at an astonishing speed.
A layer of white frost swiftly enveloped Kai’s arm.
At this moment, Kai panicked. He tried to break free, only to realize that his arm was immobile.
In a rush, Kai harnessed the power of the fire nascence, causing his entire arm to be enveloped in flames.
Under the demonic fire, Kai’s arm finally thawed, and he managed to break free.
Kai gazed at the polar stone before him, feeling utterly astounded inside. This stone is truly peculiar. Even though it’s large, the frost energy it emits is simply too intense!
Despite having collected so many polar stones in the polar region, Kai had never encountered such a situation before.
Though polar stones were all extremely cold, they normally wouldn’t instantly freeze a person upon touch.
At that moment, Vermilion Demon Lord asked, “What do you see inside that rock?”
Only then did Kai take a closer look, and indeed, within that polar stone, he discovered a flame that was still flickering.
“Um…” Kai was dumbfounded. This polar stone is an embodiment of icy cold, capable of aiding those who practiced frost-based cultivation techniques in their training. How could it possibly have flames inside? Fire and ice simply can’t coexist!
Looking at the peculiar stone in front of him, Kai was utterly dumbfounded. It was definitely beyond his knowledge.
He had never seen anything like this before.
Suddenly, Vermilion Demon Lord said, “I remember now. This must be the legendary Extremus Frost Flame, right?”
“Extremus Frost Flame?” Kai was taken aback.
“This Extremus Frost Flame is actually a type of demonic fire. However, it’s said to originate from the coldest part of the celestial realm. I wonder how it ended up here? Could the destruction of Infinitnus Celestial Sect be related to this Extremus Frost Flame?” Vermilion Demon Lord said.
“A type of demonic fire?” Kai was even more confused. “Does this Extremus Frost Flame burn people to death or freeze them?”
“Of course, it’s freezing to death. Don’t you know something in extremity conjures the opposite effect?” Vermilion Demon Lord asked.
“Of course, I’ve heard of it.” Kai nodded in affirmation.
“When the temperature of the demonic fire reached a critical point, it would create a contrasting temperature. That is to say, the higher the temperature, the more intense the frost energy of the demonic fire would be. This Extremus Frost Flame is probably colder than anything else you could ever imagine,” Vermilion Demon Lord explained.
Upon hearing this, Kai was still somewhat confused. However, he knew that this Extremus Frost Flame was the coldest thing. No wonder the moment I touched it, my arm froze instantly.
Upon noticing Kai’s puzzled expression, Vermilion Demon Lord continued to explain, “When an object reaches its maximum speed, hitting a critical point, it appears slow. To everyone else, its speed seems incredibly slow. Similarly, in the eyes of that object, everything is slow, including the flow of time and the span of space. I’ve told you so much, so you might not be able to take it all in. Just remember this. The Extremus Frost Flame is the coldest of them all.”
Kai nodded, seemingly understanding a bit more.
At that moment, Kai suddenly felt that keeping Vermilion Demon Lord within his consciousness field was indeed a wise decision.

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