Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1058 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1058

Jasmine, who was sitting next to Josh, stuck her head out to see Duncan’s puzzled face. She pursed her lips and smiled.

Duncan and Zachary were the same.

Josh, on the other hand, had a high IQ and EQ. Among the three of them, he played the role of a consultant.

Elisa and Remy were chatting happily.

Remy was also only able to sit still because Elisa was talking to him. Otherwise, he would feel so troubled that he would want to slip away.

He was most afraid of such an occasion. Seeing Old Mrs. York was likened to seeing the boss of his family. His grandmother was also always worried about his and his brothers’ marriages.

Fortunately, Remy’s grandmother was not as active as Grandma May Even so, she had handed them over to Remy’s sister-in-law to manage their marriages

This was because Jane had the potential to be a matchmaker.

Josh stared at Duncan for a while and said, “Tactless people can’t use 0.25mm pencil leads”

“I don’t like to use 0 25mm pencil leads anyway-they’re too thin. I use 0.5mm pencil leads at least for my mechanical pencils”

Josh simply turned to talk lovingly with Jasmine He could not be bothered talking to Duncan anymore

Duncan was speechless

What did Josh mean?

Sam, who had disappeared for a while, appeared again.

He walked toward Zachary and said respectfully. “Mr. Zachary, the grill and ingredients are ready.”

Zachary responded to him and helped Serenity get up. He then said to the elders, “Nana, we’ll go start our barbecue.”

“Go ahead.”

Zachary had asked Mr. and Mrs. Stone. After making sure that they did not want to join the youngsters, he took Serenity away and invited his good friends to leave the main house.

Once everyone left the main house and walked in the picturesque courtyard, Elisa approached Serenity Zachary let go of Serenity’s hand duly to let the cousins talk while he entertained Remy

Zachary had invited Remy here, but he had not had the time to entertain him properly.

“Seren, since the wedding date for you and Zachary has been postponed, I’m going to talk to you about investments. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare keep you occupied while you’re busy preparing for the wedding

Jasmine joined them as well. “Elisa, you can’t be biased. You must count me in if you have a profitable project I want to invest as well and make money so I can be rich.”

Elisa teased her, “Do you not want to be the head of intelligence? You can make a lot of money by selling information Besides, you’ll become a rich woman if you marry Josh.”

Jasmine responded without blushing at all, “Who would mind having too much money? I’ll be happier spending my hard-earned money.”

She had acquiesced to her relationship with Josh as a couple.

Serenity agreed with her best friend’s perspective.

Their husbands’ money must be spent. If they did not spend the money earned by their husbands, other people would spend their money for them. That said, they should also be capable of making money

Serenity wanted to make money more than her two best friends did. She also wanted to rebuild her career to close the gap between Zachary and her.

“Let’s talk about it later when we’re seated.”

Elisa kept them in suspense but her two best friends did not wait a second longer to chase her.

Elisa ran for a bit and instinctively hid behind Remy when she saw him. “Mr. Johnson, help me stop them.”

Remy said with a gentle smile, “I might not be able to stop them.”

Serenity and Jasmine stopped fooling around when they saw Elisa hide behind Remy instinctively. They exchanged a look, giggled, and turned to return to their partners.

Elisa thought to herself, “Why are they grinning so strangely?”


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