Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1059 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1059

“Mr. Johnson, do you think Serenity and Jasmine were smiling strangely?”

Since they stopped chasing her, Elisa walked side by side with Remy. She looked back at them as she walked

Elisa saw them whispering with their men. She would be lying to herself if she said she was not jealous, especially of Serenity

This was because Serenity’s partner was Zachary, whom Elisa had a crush on for years. Zachary treated her coldly and did not look her in the eye in the past. Elisa thought that it was his nature and that he would never be gentle his whole life.

After witnessing the way Zachary and Serenity got along. Elisa realized that it was not that he did not know how to be gentle, but that side of him was not for her

Of course, Elisa was simply envious. She no longer had feelings for Zachary

Especially when Zachary had acknowledged Elisa as his cousin-in-law, Elisa knew the man would never belong to her

There were many fishes in the sea, so Elisa did not need to be hung up on him.

As long as Zachary treated Serenity well, Elisa was willing to give her sincere blessings to the married couple

Remy’s smile was as warm as a spring breeze. 1 didn’t notice how strangely they were smiling.

“I must be overthinking.”

Elisa smiled as if nothing happened Zachary invited you here, right?

“Mm, Mr. York and I are quite close. He was afraid I’d be lonely in Willspoon by myself, so he invited me over to join the fun”

In actuality, Remy was closer to Josh as Josh was in charge of the business dealings between their families

“I thought you’d return to Annenburg during the weekends. It doesn’t take long to fly there, right? A little more than two hours?”

“You’re right, but I’m responsible for the business in Wiltspoon for the long term, so I rarely go home if nothing important comes up. It’s also tiring to always go back and forth

“On weekends, I’ll either sleep at home for a day or go hiking, play basketball, or have a barbecue with some friends In summer, we can also go surfing or fishing in the sea.”

Elisa responded with a smile, “You make quite good plans when you’re on break. Since I’m not working now, I’m bored doing nothing at home. It’s tiring to go shopping all the time.”

She had long been tired of days where she only spent money. She also wanted to get the taste of making money, so she began learning to invest. Serenity was willing to be her partner, and her family was also supportive of her

“Once my house is renovated and I move in, we’ll become neighbors. We can visit each other on weekends, or I’ll ask you to join me during festivities? Remy said as he turned to look at Elisa.

“Sure, but it’ll take some time before your place is fully renovated, right? I remember that mine took a long while I was still in elementary school at that time ”

Remy hummed and replied, “Renovation takes some time indeed, but where I currently live isn’t far from your place. It’ll take about 20 minutes if I drive and there isn’t traffic, but I can’t be sure if there’s no traffic.

“As long as you’re keen, I can invite you for fun activities in the future.”

Elisa said with a smile, “Other than golf, you can invite me for everything else.”


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