Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1060 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1060

“Sure,” Remy said.

Elisa asked, “Mr. Johnson, your family lives in a manor too, right?”

Remy hummed and responded, “Ms. Stone, call me Remy. We’ll be neighbors soon, so there’s no need for us to act like strangers. A near neighbor is better than a distant relative.”

“Alright, but you shouldn’t call me Ms. Stone either. In your words, there’s no need for neighbors to act like strangers. You can call me Elisa.”

Remy smiled and continued. “Our family’s old house is also a manor, similar to that of Mr. York’s family. Ours is called FC Manor.”

He looked at the scenery in front of them and said to Elisa, “It looks like Old Mrs. York and my grandma have similar tastes and preferences They’re from the same era and have the same aesthetic standard FC Manor and Wildridge Manor are quite similar ”

If he had to point out a difference between the two manors, it would be that FC Manor was slightly bigger. Elisa also looked at her surroundings 1 used to dream of living here. It’s quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The environment is excellent, and the place is spacious, so I won’t be bored even if I stay at home for a month.”

The main thing was that this was Zachary’s home

She used to love Zachary deeply and wanted to become the missus of Wildridge Manor.

Remy said gently. “If an opportunity arises in the future, you can visit FC Manor and stay for a few days.” Elisa gathered her drifting thoughts and replied to him, “Annenburg has a lot of tourist attractions, so i often travel there. Didn’t your family build a resort? I like to stay there whenever I visit”

It was just that she had not met Remy back then

“Let me know when you visit Annenburg again. I’ll do my best as a host and cover all your expenses there I can also be your guide for free, take you to all the scenic spots, and bring you to try all the delicious food.”

Elisa did not think much about it and responded, “Sure thing. I’ll ask Serenity and Jasmine along. They’re serious foodies. If we bring them, we’ll have a better appetite as well.”


Remy agreed to everything Elisa said.

This made Elisa feel that he had indeed come from a big family as he had good self-control and was gentle.

As for what her big brother said about Remy being ruthless in the business world, she was not concerned at all. She was not doing business with Remy, so why would she care if he was ruthless in that sense or not?

A soft person would not be able to make it big in business. After all, the weak were food for the strong in that circle.

Did her big brother not have a ruthless side as well?

Elisa simply thought that she and Remy could get along and that they would become neighbors. It was important to have good relationships with neighbors.

The duo walked and chatted happily. Serenity watched them the whole time from behind and said softly to the man next to her, “I see that they’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow.”

Zachary laughed and asked, “Did you think that you’re Cupid? Linking two people to be in love?”

Serenity chuckled softly. “1 want to be Cupid and link lovers so they can find a way to be together. I remember reading a story when I was a child. I don’t remember the full story, but I do remember some of the content.

“In the story. Cupid was offended by the male protagonist, whose lust was rejected by the female protagonist. Cupid took cruel revenge by shooting the man with an arrow of love and passion, but the woman with an arrow of disgust for the man. In the end, the man was madly in love with a woman who despised him with every ounce of her being.”


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