Married at First Sight Chapter 2071 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2071 by desirenovelLiam: “Fortunately, Seren didn’t care about these things, and she wasn’t angry. She persuaded Zack, otherwise, I don’t know how long I would have to train him. Now I am an old man, and it is really embarrassing to be disciplined by my son like a grandson.”

Tania smiled and held her husband’s arm, “Eat later, eat more of your favorite dishes, and make up for it. You are protecting me from Zack’s anger.”

The medicine list was brought back from her mother’s house, and she stuffed it under the coffee table. It was her fault.

But her husband was scolded by her son together with her, and it was she who made her husband hurt.

Tania: “Let’s go and eat.”

At this time, Josh brought Jasmine in.

“uncle and auntie.”

The couple greeted each other sweetly.

Tania and Liam warmly greeted them to have dinner together.

Josh and Jasmine planned to spend the weekend at Wildridge Manor, and they were frequent visitors to the villa. They were not polite at all, and followed Tania and Liam into the dining room.

Although Zachary was unhappy, due to the presence of his friends and young couple, and Serenity kept bringing him food, Zachary just ate honestly and didn’t have another attack.

After dinner, after sitting for half an hour, he took Serenity out for a walk.

Josh and Jasmine saw that Zachary was unhappy, so Josh didn’t take Jasmine out immediately, but stayed in the room to chat with Liam and his wife, cliché and eat melons.

Callum brought Camryn back to his home.

His parents and brothers were not at home, the butler saw him coming back with Camryn, and hurriedly informed his parents.

Not long after, his parents came back in a hurry.

As soon as his parents came back, Callum was pushed into a corner by his mother. His mother treated Camryn, the daughter-in-law-to-be, very well, as if Camryn was born by his mother, and he gave it away as a phone bill.

“Camryn, come back this time, stay at home for a few more days, and stay with mom.”

Rosella held Camryn’s hand and did not let go, looking at Camryn’s eyes so gentle that water would drip.

She scolded her son again: “Don’t tell me in advance when you come back? so I can let the kitchen prepare Camryn’s favorite dishes.”

Callum said: “Brother and sister-in-law said it back, so we came back and got together. We had dinner at uncle’s place, and my aunt had already prepared a lot of delicious dishes in the kitchen. Mom, you don’t have to worry about your son. Your daughter-in-law will be hungry, but I don’t seem to be full.”

He took care of Camryn mostly.

Seeing Camryn’s delicious food, he was happy and neglected to fill his stomach.

Rosella immediately waved her hands like chasing flies, and said disgustedly: “Go, go, you are not full. Go into the kitchen to find if there is any instant noodles, you are so big, do you still need your parents to worry about whether you are full?”

Callum said: “Camryn is also an adult, mom, you’re worried that she is not full!”

Rosella: “Can you compare with Camryn? Go aside, don’t bother me to chat with Camryn. Camryn, ignore him, let’s chat.

Callum: “Mom, when you saw me, you just looked disgusted. When you saw your daughter-in-law, the eyes were so gentle that water dripped out. I don’t think you and my father were like this when they were in love. Be gentle.”

Callum’s biological father, Matthias York, took the conversation, and said, “That’s right, your mother has never been so gentle to me, Callum, if you are a daughter, your mother will love you.”

Camryn said with a smile, “Callum, you have to be conscientious in life, and Mom has treated you very well.”

Camryn liked everyone in the York family, and also liked the general environment of the York family.


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