Married at First Sight Chapter 2072 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2072 by desirenovelBoth the environment and the people were excellent.

She hadn’t married yet, but Her in-laws really treated her like their own daughter, and they never disliked her for being blind.

The mother-in-law used her actions to prove that as a prospective second young lady, as long as she knew how to spend money, she didn’t need to worry about anything else.

At the side of her own mother, Camryn couldn’t taste the taste of mother’s love at first, but with her mother-in-law, she tasted it.

“That’s right, you have to be conscientious in life, and your daughter is caring.”

Rosella took Camryn’s hand, and asked about the cold and warmth.

Camryn almost had an accident, but she didn’t tell the elders about it, so as not to worry the elders.

“Mom, I’ll take Camryn out for a walk to help her digest her food. If she’s tired from walking, she’ll be hungry fast. Only when she’s hungry will you have a chance to cook delicious food for your daughter-in-law.”

Callum got up and walked, taking Camryn by his hand.

Rosella really wanted to say, she can just go out for a walk with the daughter-in-law-to-be, let the son watch TV in the house, and accompany his father, seeing that the son has already held Camryn, Rosella had no choice but to let go of Camryn’s hand, and told: “You take good care of Camryn, if Camryn loses a hair, I will beat you when you come back.”

Callum’s handsome face suddenly collapsed, and he said, “Then I will definitely be beaten up, which girl doesn’t lose a little hair? How many hairs will shed when I get up in the morning and brush my hair?”

Rosella glared at him, “If you are afraid of being beaten, you can watch TV with your dad at home, and I will go out for a walk with Camryn, and we can have a good chat. You are usually busy and rarely bring Camryn back, okay? Easy to come back, Camryn these two days should belong to me.”

Callum immediately bent down, picked up Camryn by the waist, and walked out of the house with big strides while holding her.

Camryn kept saying, “Callum, let me down, I can walk by myself.”

Callum: “I can walk faster if I hold you, let’s run, otherwise you will be snatched away by my mother. I don’t want to watch TV with my father, he can’t watch it at all, and he always asks me about the plot. I don’t know the plot. In our family, only my mother is willing to watch TV with my father.”

Matthias was speechless.

It turned out that he was so disgusted by his son.

Seeing Callum running out of the house with his prospective daughter-in-law in his arms, Rosella grinned and said to her husband, “Seeing the sweet and affectionate appearance of the young couple, I am so happy.”

Matthias: “I’m also very happy.”

Rosella pinched him lightly, and said with a smile: “Your sons despise you, no one wants to watch TV with you, and they don’t know what you are thinking when watching TV.”

Matthias: “I miss you.”

Rosella: “F*ck you, you can be grandparents now, and you are still glib, and your glib has not been passed on to your son. If mom didn’t worry about it for us, we don’t know when Callum will get married.”

Now, at least he engaged.

After Camryn’s eyes were healed, the wedding could be held, and then they were waiting to have grandchildren.

As for the two youngest sons, the old couple also let Grandma May chose the granddaughter-in-law.

The old people had eaten more salt than they had eaten rice, and their eyes were accurate.

“My son’s mouth is not stupid. In fact, it’s not difficult to talk about love. It just depends on whether he loves or not. Look at Zack, we used to say that he is serious, indifferent and stupid, and he can’t coax girls. After being with Serenity, the sweet talk comes as soon as he opens his mouth. As long as he is really in love, he will naturally speak sweet words.”


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