Married at First Sight Chapter 2078 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2078 by desirenovelHugh also had this ability, but Hugh was not as stable as Hayden.

Hayden: “I don’t want to develop a relationship with him. I don’t have feelings for him, and I don’t have feelings for any man, because I think I am a man.”

Mrs. Queen said: “Hayden, you are not a man, you are a girl!”

She really shouldn’t have let her daughter dress up as a man all the time.

Hayden: “People outside all call me Young Master Queen, but no one calls me Ms. Queen.”

“Hayden, you are deceiving yourself and others. What’s wrong with Kevin? Their family is in the same family as ours. Although it is a bit far away, the transportation is convenient now, and it will arrive soon by plane. He is not bad at it. They are equal, and they are not the kind of weak second-generation ancestors.” Mrs. Queen persuaded her daughter earnestly, “You are not young anymore, you are 28 years old, and you will be 29 years old after the New Year, not far from 30 years old. If you continue like this, your father and I will not be able to rest in peace.

Or, do you like people of the same s-e-x? I think you really like the biological daughter of the Farrell family.”

Hayden said seriously: “Mom, I don’t like homos*xuals, I just admire Kathryn and that’s all. Mom, I’m going back, Kevin… Forget it, I’ll take him back to the hotel, so that my parents won’t worry.”

Hayden got up to leave, and at the same time pushed Kevin, trying to wake Kevin up, but Kevin lay still on the table. She pushed him twice, but he didn’t move, so she had to support him. Thinking of him, she said to her parents, “Dad, Mom, I’m going back.”

“You have to send Kevin back to Fortress Hotel yourself, don’t abandon him halfway, if he is such a good-looking man, if you throw him halfway, someone else will pick up his body.” Donald told his daughter to follow him out of the house.

Hayden wanted to laugh.

Was Kevin still afraid of being picked up by someone?

Everyone in Jensburg already knew this guy.

Hayden’s bodyguard saw the young master helping Kevin out, and hurriedly stepped forward to help Kevin onto Hayden’s car.

“Dad, I will send Mr. York back to Fortress Hotel. You can go back and accompany my mother. Don’t always ask Mr. York to come over for a barbecue. It’s a hot day, eating too much is easy to get angry.” Hayden said a few words to his father, then got into the car under his father’s watchful eyes, and sat beside Kevin.

Kevin was leaned against the back of the car seat and tossed like this, this guy showed no signs of waking up.

Really so drunk?

Hayden saw that he didn’t drink too many glasses of wine.

After the car started, Hayden also leaned back on the back of the car seat. After a while, she sat upright again and turned her head to look at the man beside her.

Kevin was easier to like when he was sleeping than when he was awake. When he was awake, he was too annoying.

She had to say that he was a handsome man, except for that mouth that annoyed her, he was excellent in other aspects.

Oh, what he did also disgusted her.

Originally, her peaceful life was broken by Kevin’s high-profile statement that he wanted to pursue her.

Now, she had become the talk of the people of Jensburg.

Not only did Kevin follow her closely, but the other women who liked her also tried to look like Kevin, no matter what their status, and chased her with great enthusiasm. In the words of her admirers, they were doing their best to get her back on track and stop Kevin from turning her into a real gay.

Hayden laughed at herself, if she regained her status as a woman, would those admirers hate her to death? Everyone made a villain for her, blaming her for deceiving them?


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