Married At First Sight Chapter 2720 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2720-Holden added, “Your mother is old and busy at work. She spends all her time in the company and training Kathryn, but not on me. Although I’m also old, but my health is still very good, and I’m still in good health. I’m a bit needy, but if she doesn’t fulfill her responsibilities as a wife, she won’t allow me to have a quick meal.”

Holden didn’t know whether it was because he was drunk or because it was just the father and daughter, but he vomited out all his dissatisfaction with his old wife.

Seeing Holden’s painful and angry look, Shiloh unknowingly sat down and drank with him.

Deep down, she still sympathized with Holden.

The banquet downstairs was very lively, but Holden, because he was visiting, had to hide upstairs and not dare to see anyone.

Just because he made a mistake that many men make.

Everyone downstairs was still eating, but they felt uncomfortable eating, mainly because there were three more distinguished guests.

They couldn’t figure out why Matriarch Farrell wanted to hold this family dinner, and the atmosphere was not lively.

“Liberty, what business are you planning to invest in?”

Matriarch Farrell asked Liberty with concern. But in her heart, she thought that as long as Liberty invested, no matter what business she did, she would strangle Liberty’s business in the cradle from the beginning.

Liberty couldn’t be allowed to gain a foothold in Jensburg.

Let alone Liberty become a rich man in Jensburg.

Matriarch Farrell knew how the people in the clan felt about her. They would use Liberty to fight her, or they might actually support Liberty.

“We don’t know yet; let’s take a look first. It’s hard to do business these days, so we have to examine the market before making a decision.”

Liberty didn’t tell the truth, but it left Matriarch Farrell speechless.

Matriarch Farrell said, “Yes, business is particularly difficult now. The business of our Farrell Group is getting worse and worse. Not only us, but even the Queen Enterprise may have also declined.”

Matriarch Farrell said this and looked at Hayden.

Hayden sat steadily and did not answer the call or look at Matriarch Farrell.

As long as Hayden knows whether Queen Enterprise is going down or not, there is no need to explain it to Matriarch Farrell. Even if Queen Enterprise really declines, it can still be a few steps ahead of Farrell Group.

“Mr. Queen, I’m very interested in your project in the western suburbs. I wonder if we can talk about cooperation?”

Matriarch Farrell changed the topic and turned to the matter of wanting to cooperate with Hayden.

Hayden was still cold; her voice was low and cold: “Matriarch Farrell, you just said that my Queen Enterprise has gone downhill, and I am afraid that I am not worthy of cooperating with your company.”

Matriarch Farrell choked and then smiled: “Business is not easy to do nowadays. This is a fact that everyone knows. Even large groups have difficulties. Mr. Queen, you’re managing Queen Enterprise and know this better than me. However, even if Queen Enterprise has declined, it will still be the leader in our Jensburg business community, which is incomparable to a small group like ours.”

Hayden did not respond to Matriarch Farrell, but just picked up the wine glass and raised it to Kathryn.

Kathryn also picked up her wine glass, clinked it with Hayden, and then they both drank.

Kevin gave Hayden another dish and said warmly, “Hayden, don’t just focus on drinking. Eat more food to avoid getting drunk.”

Hayden put down the wine glass, and Liberty, who was next to her, picked up the wine bottle and filled her up with another glass.

Liberty also filled a glass of wine for herself.

“Ms. Hunt, you can learn about our Queen’s project in the western suburbs of Jensburg. If you are interested, you are welcome to cooperate.”

Hayden refused to cooperate with Farrell Group but turned around and invited Liberty to invest and cooperate, which made matriarch Farrell look a little ugly.

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