Married At First Sight Chapter 2721 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2721-Everyone here must have understood clearly that Kevin and Hayden both supported Liberty.

They had never heard of how capable Liberty was, but they couldn’t resist the fact that there were several wealthy families standing behind Liberty. Her biological sister, Serenity, was the eldest mistress of the York family, and she had plenty of capital to invest in Liberty.

As long as Liberty has enough courage and vision, there is no need to worry about ending up without capital.

Those tribesmen, who were suppressed by Matriarch Farrell and had little ability, began to blame her in their hearts.

Liberty smiled: “I’m interested in any project that can make money. Is it convenient for Mr. Queen tomorrow? I’ll go visit you.”

Hayden said gently, “Come here; I’ll be there at any time.”

Kevin said with amusement, “Hayden, I will be jealous if you are so nice to Sister Liberty. When I go there, you always say that you are too busy and too lazy to talk to me. As soon as Sister Liberty goes, you say convenient at any time.”

Hayden looked at him sideways and said, “Sister Liberty and I are in love.”

Kathryn also smiled: “I also think that Liberty and I are quite compatible. If it’s convenient for Mr. Queen, I wonder if I can pay a visit?”

Hayden said, “Miss Farrell, When you come here, I can still squeeze in some time. If it were someone else, I wouldn’t have this time.”

For the Farrell family, Hayden could only give Kathryn a face. She has always been optimistic and admired Kathryn, and she once wanted to bring Kathryn and her brother Hugh together, but Hugh didn’t call Kathryn.

Hugh’s excuse was that he was not the Farrell family’s son-in-law.

In fact, he didn’t call Kathryn.

When it comes to relationships, he has to be in love with her to be happy. Even if feelings can be cultivated, not everyone can cultivate feelings.

Kathryn smiled and said, “I also have a project in hand that I am very optimistic about. Mr. Queen, if you’re interested, you can learn more about it.”

“Alright.” Hayden readily agreed.

Hayden would not cooperate with the Farrell family, but she could cooperate with Kathryn. The company Kathryn founded before returning to the Farrell family had a good future.

Seeing that Hayden had a good attitude towards Kathryn, the expression on the old face of Matriarch Farrell softened a little.

This meal was quite peaceful.

After eating and drinking, Hayden was ready to say goodbye.

If she left, Kevin would naturally follow her.

Liberty simply said goodbye to Matriarch Farrell and prepared to leave with Hayden and others.

Matriarch Farrell tried her best to keep her, so she had to lead her family to get up and see her off. At this moment, she remembered Shiloh, her adopted daughter, and asked Erika, “Where’s Shiloh?”

“Shiloh? Oh, Mom, you asked her to bring food upstairs to Dad, but she never came downstairs. Anyway, I didn’t see her again after she went upstairs.”

Matriarch Farrell frowned and ordered Erika: “Go upstairs and have a look, and ask Shiloh to come down.”

Hayden was about to leave. What’s going on with Shiloh? Was she still sitting upstairs, eating and drinking with that useless old man?

Erika said, Oh, and went upstairs to find Shiloh.

Within two minutes, her screams were heard from upstairs.

Then she stumbled to the stairs and ran downstairs. When she was almost on the first floor, she missed her footing, fell, and rolled down.

Fortunately, there were only a few steps, so she tumbled down without being injured.

Just the look on her face was wonderful; it was shocked and frightened, as if she had seen a ghost.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Marco stepped forward to help Erika up. After all, she was his wife.

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