Married At First Sight Chapter 2722 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2722-Erika grabbed his hand and said in horror, “Marco, go and see Dad and Shiloh, the two of them…the two of them… I can’t tell. You will know when you go and take a look.”

Hearing what Erika said, Marco thought something had happened to his father and Shiloh, so he immediately turned around and ran upstairs.

Not only him, but also his brothers and Kathryn, all ran upstairs.

Finally, Matriarch Farrell also went upstairs.

Liberty and others, who were about to leave, stopped where they were and looked upstairs. They didn’t know what shocking event happened upstairs.

“Sister-in-law, what happened to Dad and Shiloh?”

Anya and Amora gathered around Erika and asked with concern and curiosity.

Erika’s face turned red. She hesitated, and she couldn’t speak. Finally, she whispered something into her sisters-in-law’s ears, which made her two sisters-in-law change their expressions.

The next moment, her two sisters-in-law ran upstairs quickly.

They couldn’t miss the good show.

Matriarch Farrell’s roars and the sound of smashing soon came from upstairs.

Now, not to mention the Farrell clan members were curious; even Liberty and others were also curious.

“I went to see what happened, and I can help.”

Relying on his thick skin, Kevin said he wanted to help, and he ran upstairs with several tribesmen to see what was going on.

Liberty thought that she had the blood of the Farrell family in her body and that going up to take a look could show her concern, so she followed Kevin upstairs.

In less than five minutes, Kevin trotted downstairs.

Those tribesmen were also rolling around.

When they got downstairs, Kevin pulled Hayden, turned around, and shouted, “Sister Liberty, let’s go.”

Liberty went downstairs in embarrassment and walked straight out of the house. As she walked, she said to Kevin, “Well, let’s go. Let’s go quickly. We can’t wait to see.”

The few tribesmen who had seen what was going on ran out as if running for their lives. One person kindly shouted to everyone: “Everyone, go home; don’t stay here anymore.”

To avoid being swept away by the snowstorm.

But everyone felt that it was not good that they ran away like this before Matriarch Farrell came downstairs.

But after seeing the distinguished guests coming upstairs, they all hurried downstairs to leave. The same happened to the tribesmen. Something big must have happened.

Some people followed those tribesmen and walked out.

Some of them still stayed, wanting to wait for Matriarch Farrell to come downstairs.

As soon as Kevin left the main house, Liberty and Hayden’s bodyguards came to greet him.

“Hayden, I’ll take your car.”

Hayden did not refuse. Even if Liberty didn’t say anything, she still wanted Liberty to ride in her car and ask what happened upstairs. She actually made Kevin, a shameless person, run downstairs in embarrassment.

After Liberty got Hayden’s consent, Kevin said to his bodyguards, “Have you ever drank? If you have, please stop driving.”

The bodyguard group wanted to say that no one had drank, but when Liberty winked at them, everyone was embarrassed to say that they had.

Liberty turned around and said apologetically to the Farrell family butler, who was escorting her out, “Butler, can you arrange for three people to help us drive back? They are all drunk and should not drive again.”

The butler said respectfully, “No problem; I will arrange for three people to help Miss Hunt drive back now.”

With that said, the butler took out his cell phone and made a call.

After the butler arranged for the Farrell family’s bodyguards to help drive, Liberty thanked the butler and then said, “Butler, please tell Mrs. Farrell and Kathryn that there was an accident at home and we can’t stay any longer. We should go back first. Let’s get together another day when we have time.”

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