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Married at First Sight Chapter 2725-Liberty said, “I think it might be them. I don’t know how they did it. This is just our guess. We don’t need to worry about who did it. I’m afraid it won’t be spread.”

Matriarch Farrell would not let this matter spread. She was now in shock and anger and had no time to cover it up.

When she reacted, she would take action immediately.

The few tribesmen who saw the scene ran as fast as they could, but they couldn’t escape. As long as Matriarch Farrell checked, she would know who was upstairs.

Liberty dared to say that tomorrow, Matriarch Farrell would look for her as soon as possible.

Told her not to tell anyone.

As for who did it, Matriarch Farrell would investigate it herself. Just pay attention to whether the three young ladies of the Farrell family have been divorced and kicked out of the house, and she will know the result.

Hayden said, “I’m afraid Shiloh has to leave the Farrell family this time.”

She hated Shiloh very much.

It’s not that Shiloh admired her and was obsessed with her.

She didn’t like Shiloh when she first met her.

It had nothing to do with Shiloh admiring her or not.

“Holden will not end well. With these new and old grievances, how could Mrs. Farrell spare him? Even if he was plotted against, Mrs. Farrell would not spare him. She is indeed changed.”


Suddenly, a loud noise came from behind.

Hayden stopped talking.

She and Liberty both turned to look.

It was discovered that the car following Hayden’s bodyguard car was rear-ended by a large truck. The truck was probably traveling very fast, and the car was hit and flipped into the opposite lane, with all four wheels upside down.


Hayden ordered in a deep voice.

The driver quickly slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.

All vehicles stopped.

The truck also stopped. The driver of the truck was not seriously injured, but the front of the truck was damaged. The driver seemed to be frightened and did not get out of the truck for a long time.

Kevin got out of the car before Hayden. As soon as he got off the car, he first called the police and then the xxx emergency number.

The car was hit into the opposite lane and rolled over. The driver didn’t know whether he was alive or dead.

“Hayden, Sister Liberty, there is a service area not far away. Get in the car and wait in the service area in front. Don’t stay here to prevent the car behind you from not being able to brake in time and hitting you.”

Kevin saw Liberty and Hayden getting out of the car and gave instructions in a deep voice.

When encountering a car accident on the road, it is not advisable to get out of the car and watch, as it may lead to accidents.

Kevin led several bodyguards to the opposite lane, trying to rescue the driver of the bodyguard’s car. Unexpectedly, before they approached the car, the car suddenly caught fire.

Everyone quickly backed away, turned around, and ran back. They ran back to the car to get the fire extinguisher, and then rushed over to put out the fire.

The fire was so big that even their small fire extinguishers were useless, let alone trying to save anyone.

Hayden got into the car at the request of the bodyguard, and Liberty was also pulled into the car by Hayden.

They evacuated the scene first and headed to the service area ahead.

After waiting in the service area for nearly an hour, Kevin entered the service area.


Hayden, who was waiting anxiously, hurried forward to greet him. She had never been so anxious as tonight, worried that something would happen to Kevin.

Kevin: “I’m fine.”

As long as Hayden and Liberty evacuated the scene of the accident and there was no second accident, Kevin could feel at ease.

Kevin looked at Liberty and said to her, “Sister Liberty, I gave you the car that was knocked over. The driver of the bodyguard car behind said that the large truck was going very fast and passed After their vehicle, they directly caught up with your car.”

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