Married At First Sight Chapter 2728 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2728-“mom.” Erika asked carefully, “Do you really want to do that? Don’t wait until Shiloh wakes up and listen to what she has to say?”

Matriarch Farrell glared at Erika and said, “Why are my words useless now? Just do whatever I tell you! Go and do it right away. If you don’t do it, pack your things and get out!”

Erika was startled and quickly responded: “Mom, I’ll go; we’ll do it right away. Don’t be angry. It’s not worth it to ruin your health.”

Erika winked at the two sisters-in-law and signaled them to follow her to deal with Shiloh.

The butler went up to the second floor. He never dared to say anything. He heard the angry roar of Matriarch Farrell.

After the three young ladies walked away, Kathryn also saw the butler.

“Mom, don’t be angry; drink a glass of water first.”

Kathryn brought the water glass to Matriarch Farrell and asked her to drink half of the glass. After putting down the water glass, she saw that her expression was still so angry, so she had to go to the Butler and ask in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Miss, Miss Hunt had a car accident on her way back. Her car was knocked over and caught fire. The car was destroyed, and everyone died.”


Kathryn’s expression changed drastically.

The Butler quickly explained: “Miss, Miss Hunt is fine. She left in Mr. Queen’s car. Her bodyguards were also drunk and were not suitable to drive, so she asked our bodyguards to help drive her car back.

The car that was destroyed belonged to Miss Hunt, but the person who died was ours.”

The Butler glanced at Matriarch Farrell a few times and whispered to Kathryn, “Miss, do you want to tell her about this?”

When she heard that Liberty was fine, Kathryn’s face became a little better. She whispered, “I will look at the situation and tell my mother later. Have you sent someone to deal with the car accident? Who died? Inform his family members to come over, and the compensation that should be paid must be paid.”

The Butler replied in a low voice, “I have sent someone to deal with it. The man’s parents are dead, and he has a younger brother who just graduated from college and also works in Jensburg.”

Kathryn said, “Well, notify his brother to come over.”

The Butler nodded, “I’ll contact his brother now.”

The Butler looked at Matriarch Farrell again, hesitant to speak.

Kathryn ordered in a low voice, “Let them go back first. No matter what happened tonight, whether they know it or not, they are not allowed to tell anyone.”


In fact, the butler still hadn’t figured out what was going on upstairs.

Why was Matriarch Farrell so angry?

Just now, Butler heard Matriarch Farrell say that she wanted to drive Shiloh out.

Let Shiloh return to her original family.

Matriarch Farrell had always loved Shiloh, and after Kathryn returned, she was reluctant to let Shiloh leave.

She got so angry tonight, insisted on driving Shiloh out, and said she would confiscate everything Shiloh owned. What mistake did Shiloh make?

Didn’t Shiloh bring Holden food upstairs?

What could happen?

The Butler didn’t dare to ask.

He would do whatever Kathryn told him to do.

After the Butler left, Kathryn first called Liberty, asked about Liberty’s situation with concern, and then apologized to Liberty.

Liberty said understandingly, “Miss Farrell, deal with family matters first. That bodyguard died because of me. When his family comes to help him with his funeral arrangements, I will also go over to thank his family, express my guilt, and give his family compensation.

If my bodyguard hadn’t been drunk and unfit to drive, and I asked the Butler to help me arrange for him to drive, he wouldn’t have had such an accident.”

Kathryn said: “This was an accident, not your fault.”

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