Married At First Sight Chapter 2729 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2729-Liberty said, “No matter what, I want to meet his family.”

Kathryn said, “Both his parents are dead, and he has only one younger brother. When his younger brother comes, I will notify you to come over. Liberty, my family is in a mess right now. I will deal with the family affairs first and talk about it another day when I have time.”

Liberty hummed.

Kathryn hung up the phone.

“Let me go. I want to see Mom. I want to see Mom. Let me go!”

Shiloh woke up and was already nicely dressed, but her two sisters-in-law dragged her downstairs.

There was also a sister-in-law who brought her some clothes and followed her.

The three brothers did not dare to speak. They were still looking at Holden.

Holden’s face was as white as a piece of paper. He collapsed on the ground and did not have the strength to stand up. His sons helped him arrange his clothes, but he still felt that he was naked in front of them.

His mind was blank, and he didn’t even know how this happened.

Holden showed fear in his eyes as his three daughters-in-law dragged Shiloh away, but he was unable to speak.

His end would not be good!

He knew very well how cruel and cruel his wife was.

If he offended his wife, neither he nor his Janzen family would end well. Especially for him, life would be worse than death.

Matriarch Farrell might not kill him, but it would be easy to make his life worse than death.


Marco still felt sorry for Shiloh.

They had held Shiloh in their hands and cared for her since she was little.

Because they knew that Shiloh was the successor of the Farrell family, they didted on Shiloh and maintained a good brother-sister relationship, hoping that when Shiloh came to power, they could get more benefits from it.

Who would have thought that Shiloh was not their biological sister but the servant’s daughter?

Their biological sister grew up in a servant’s house, and the servant treated her very badly.

Marco and the others all knew that they should treat their biological sister better, but they did not grow up together and did not develop feelings for their biological sister from an early age. They couldn’t have feelings for their biological sister, and naturally, they do not love their biological sister. The sister they loved most was Shiloh.

Now seeing Shiloh being dragged out, Marco wanted to save Shiloh, but he didn’t dare to speak.

Matriarch Farrell was in a rage, and Marco dared to intercede for Shiloh. Matriarch Farrell might even order him out of the house.

“Dad, what’s going on between you and Shiloh? Just talk; look at Shiloh being dragged out by them, Dad!” Marco asked Holden anxiously.

Together with his brother, Marco lifted Holden up from the ground and sat down on the single sofa.

The room was filled with the smell of alcohol.

When they came in just now, their father and Shiloh smelled of alcohol. How much alcohol had they drunk?

“Dad, did you and Shiloh drink a lot of wine?”

Marco saw that most of the bottle of wine he brought to his father had been drunk up, and he said to his father, “Dad, most of the bottle of wine I brought to you is strong alcohol. You will get drunk easily after drinking it. You and Shiloh drank it all!”


Holden wanted to say something but couldn’t.

He’s not drunk.

Although most of the bottle of wine was strong alcohol, he and Shiloh both had good drinking abilities, but they couldn’t get drunk even with more than half of the bottle of wine.

It was a half-bottle of wine. After drinking it, he felt very hot, which made him irritated. He couldn’t help but confide to Shiloh, telling her about his wife’s overbearing attitude. He was already in his seventies, but he still had needs. Yes, but the wife no longer fulfills her duties as a wife.

He didn’t support her or divorce her. He just went out to eat fast food and was beaten by his wife in public. He didn’t dare to go out.

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