The Mans Decree Chapter 3613

Just as Helmut was preparing to lead his team to the Blood Spirit Valley, a disciple suddenly rushed over to report!

“Mr. Koritnik, Igor has arrived. H-He’s already at the door…” The disciple exclaimed in a flustered manner.

Upon hearing that Igor had taken the initiative to come, Helmut instantly became somewhat flustered. Ever since he left Blood Spirit Valley and established Bloodroot Peak, Igor had not once visited Bloodroot Peak!

Yet, they had taken the initiative to seek Helmut out, which gave him a sense of foreboding. It was highly likely that they had already discovered the massacre in the Blood Spirit Valley!

“How many people came?” Helmut asked!

“Three people…” the disciple replied!

Upon hearing there were three people, Helmut secretly let out a sigh of relief, then said, “Please, let them in…”

“Mr. Koritnik, Igor wouldn’t be coming to seek retribution, would he?” the elder asked.

“No, he only brought three people. How could he possibly confront us with such a small force? If he truly knew that I was the one who slaughtered the inhabitants of the Blood Spirit Valley, then I would ensure that he would never leave this place.” With a murderous glint in his eyes, Helmut spoke.

After all, Blood Spirit Valley was the place where Helmut would learn and hone his skills. However, it had been completely destroyed. Such shamelessness would surely be ridiculed by everyone!

Therefore, it was absolutely imperative for Helmut not to let word of the matter spread!

Helmut was seated at the head of the table. Upon seeing Igor leading Montane Daemon and Kai into the hall, he was momentarily taken aback!

He had originally thought that Igor would bring Rosetta and Dalton along!

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be someone else!

Helmut especially didn’t expect to see Montane Daemon. Every time Helmut saw him, he couldn’t help but feel a bit intimidated!

Helmut shifted his gaze back to Kai . He merely gave him a cursory glance before looking away. A cultivator at Body Fusion Realm was simply not worth his attention!

“Igor, I wonder what brings you here all of a sudden?” Helmut asked Igor!

Igor looked at Helmut, not bothering with any roundabout tactics. He asked straightforwardly, “My disciples from Blood Spirit Valley were massacred. Not a single one was left alive. Did you have anything to do with this?”

“What?” Suddenly, Helmut stood up, his face filled with surprise!

However, at that moment, his heart was already in a state of panic. He hadn’t expected Igor to be so direct. However, it seemed that Igor was merely speculating, which was why Helmut would feign such surprise!

“Igor, what did you say? Blood Spirit Valley was massacred and not a single survivor left? Who on earth did this? How could you possibly doubt me? Even though I despise you and Blood Spirit Valley, I could never do such a thing. Blood Spirit Valley is my origin. If I were to commit such a disgraceful and barbaric act, wouldn’t I be the laughingstock of all? You tell me, what exactly happened? If I find out who dared to lay a hand on the Blood Spirit Valley, I will tear them to shreds!” With a face full of rage, Helmut smashed the table in front of him with a single palm strike!

Seeing Helmut in that state, Igor was momentarily at a loss for what to do!

After all, he was reluctant to believe that Helmut would do such a thing!

As fellow disciples, how could Helmut possibly do such a thing?

Kai watched Helmut’s impressive performance, smirking. This guy really knows how to put on a show. What a waste that he’s not acting!

Igor glanced at Kai . Seeing that Kai remained silent, he turned to Helmut and asked, “Did you really not do this?”

“Igor, how could I possibly commit such a despicable act? If I were indeed the perpetrator, I’d willingly suffer divine punishment and not meet a peaceful end…” Surprisingly, Helmut actually started to swear!

Upon seeing the situation, Igor truly believed in Helmut. As for what Kai said, it might just have been a dream!

“Since it’s not you, then I won’t bother anymore!” Igor was preparing to leave Bloodroot Peak!

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