The Mans Decree Chapter 3614

“Igor, wait a moment…” Upon seeing Igor about to leave, Helmut hurriedly chased after him!

“What do you have in mind?” Igor was vigilantly watching Helmut!

“Igor, you’ve come all this way to visit me. You really should stay a while before you leave. I also happened to have some matters to discuss with you!” Helmut took Igor by the arm and they both sat down!

“What’s the matter?” Igor had always maintained a stern expression!

Even if Helmut wouldn’t have been the one to handle the matters of the Blood Spirit Valley, Igor wouldn’t have shown Helmut any kindness either!

“Igor, I heard that the guy named Kai seems to be in your Blood Spirit Valley, isn’t he? Moreover, during this period, it seemed like he was always with you.” Helmut asked Igor.

Igor looked at Helmut warily and asked, “What do you want with Mr. Chance?”

“Igor, didn’t you hear any rumors?” Helmut asked.

“What rumors?” Igor knew what Helmut meant, but he pretended not to understand and asked.

“Demon Seal Alliance issued a kill order, targeting Kai . Whoever could kill Kai , or capture him and hand him over to Demon Seal Alliance, would be rewarded with a hundred years of patronage from the Alliance. Do you know how vast the resources offered by Demon Seal Alliance over a century are? If we could get our hands on these resources, you could rebuild the Valley of Blood Spirits, and it would be many times stronger than it is now!” Helmut whispered to Igor.

“Hmph, how dare you harbor ill intentions toward Mr. Chance? You should know your worth.” Upon hearing Helmut’s intention to strike against Kai , Montane Daemon, who was standing nearby, immediately let out a cold snort!

Helmut was merely an Eighth Level Tribulator cultivator, and so Montane Daemon was not afraid of him in the slightest.

Helmut was startled by a cold huff from Montane Daemon. After all, the reputation of Montane Daemon was not to be taken lightly!

“Montane Daemon, don’t you want to obtain a century-long tribute from Demon Seal Alliance? With these resources, if we divide them among ourselves, it would be quite easy to reach Ultimate Realm!” Helmut was tempting Montane Daemon.

After all, there wasn’t a single cultivator who could resist the allure of a higher realm!

“Pah, don’t mention that. Even if I were to ascend into immortals, I still wouldn’t stand a chance against Mr. Chance.” Montane Daemon spat fiercely!

Upon seeing the situation, Helmut no longer paid attention to Montane Daemon. As long as Igor agreed, the matter would be considered settled. What could the Montane Daemon do if he didn’t agree?

Helmut didn’t believe Montane Daemon could go against two Eighth Level Tribulator cultivator.

“Igor, surely you’re not that old-fashioned? This is Demon Seal Alliance’s once-in-a-century offering, an opportunity that won’t come again if missed!” Helmut stared intently at Igor as if trying to see through to the depths of Igor’s heart!

He was still unaware that Kai was right beside him at that moment, watching him with a cold, mocking smile.

“I assure you, even if it were a thousand years of offering from Demon Seal Alliance, not just a hundred, I will never betray Mr. Chance. I also advise you, don’t entertain any ideas about attacking Mr. Chance, or don’t blame me for turning hostile.”

With a fierce glare, Igor stared down Helmut, then rose to his feet and stormed out!

Helmut hadn’t expected Igor to reject him so outright and was momentarily stunned!

“Mr. Lothian, wait a moment…” At that moment, Kai spoke up!

Taken aback, Igor quickly asked, “Mr… Mr. Chadwick, is there something you need?”

Just as Igor was about to call out to Kai , he remembered that Kai had changed his appearance and identity, so he quickly corrected himself!

“I have something I’d like you all to appreciate…” As Kai spoke, he took out the timepiece!

Helmut looked at the clock in Kai ’s hand, his eyes filled with confusion!

Igor also joined in, his face filled with confusion as he watched!

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