The Mans Decree Chapter 3842

Chapter 3842 Celestial Technique Legacy
Even though Selma was sent flying, she didn’t show the slightest bit of displeasure. On the contrary, she spoke with delight. “To think the statue has a restraint. It seems there’s a secret within it. Or perhaps the documentation device in the statue’s hand is some sort of supreme secret manual.”
“Go and check if there’s anything recorded on that documentation device.” Leighton addressed the Mueller family member who had ventured in to scout the way.
At that moment, that member of the Mueller family was almost brought to tears.
After all, if even Selma was sent flying away by the restraint, he would be hurt even more with his weaker capabilities.
However, he couldn’t just ignore the order. At that moment, he was already cursing under his breath. Why do they always pick me?
He cautiously approached, then drew closer to the statue. Eager to see the content on the documentation device, he leaned forward with all his might.
Due to extreme nervousness, he suddenly threw himself onto the statue. “Ah!”
It certainly gave him quite a scare, but it seemed as though the restraint surrounding the statue had not been activated, and he was unharmed.
“I… I’m okay?” He was utterly bewildered.
Both Leighton and Selma were left completely bewildered.
Leighton personally stepped forward, reaching out to touch the statue, but surprisingly, there was no reaction.
Leighton turned toward Selma and spoke. “Ms. Selma, nothing’s happening.”
Selma had a slight frown before stepping forward to touch it again.
A burst of golden light appeared, and Selma was sent flying once again with greater force. It seemed she had been injured, with traces of blood trickling from the corner of her mouth.
“This…” Leighton was baffled.
He was clearly able to touch the statue without any issues, but when Selma stepped forward to do the same, she was suddenly flung away for some reason.
Selma was also flabbergasted, completely clueless about what was actually going on.
“Ms. Selma, could it be that the statue distinguishes between genders? Is it because you are a woman that it’s triggering the restraint?” Leighton analyzed.
“It’s possible.” Selma nodded but then fell into deep thought. “There’s also a chance that the restraint of this statue isn’t triggered based on gender but by cultivation technique. I practiced the frost cultivation technique, which might have triggered the statue’s restraint. However, you all practiced fire magic, which likely wouldn’t have caused such a reaction. Try infusing some spiritual energy into this statue and see what changes.”
A restraint reacting to different genders was indeed rare. However, it was quite common for many restraints to react differently to people with different cultivation techniques.
Leighton nodded, and then gently placed his hand on the statue and started injecting spiritual energy.
Streams of spiritual energy flowed into the statue, and indeed, the statue began to change.
The halo around the statue grew even brighter, to the point where even the documentation device in its hand began to emit a glow.
“Ms. Selma, the cultivation technique legacy!” Leighton began to shout in excitement.
“Take your time. What happened?” Selma asked.
“Ms. Selma, after I channeled the spiritual energy, I found myself able to communicate with the statue. Surprisingly, I could see the cultivation technique legacy on the documentation device. This is a celestial technique. If the Mueller family inherits this, no one in Ethereal Realm will dare to mess with us again!” Leighton was so thrilled that he could almost jump for joy.
Upon hearing that, everyone else was also extremely thrilled. That was, after all, the celestial technique legacy. If they all mastered it, they could achieve great things.
That celestial technique legacy was way more impressive than the polar stones.
Upon hearing that, Selma felt her breath quicken, and her heart filled with overwhelming joy.
“Leighton, you must immediately learn that celestial technique’s legacy. It’s vital that you master it completely. Once we return, I’ll recommend you to become an elder of the Mueller family, granting you unparalleled authority.” Selma knew that she couldn’t obtain the celestial technique legacy herself.
It was something that only Leighton could do.
“Rest assured, Ms. Selma. I will do everything within my power.” At that moment, Leighton really wanted to let out a few shouts of joy to celebrate his great fortune.
“Everyone else, protect Leighton,” Selma issued orders to the other members of the Mueller family.
“Understood!” The members of the Mueller family exclaimed in excitement.

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