The Mans Decree Chapter 3845

Chapter 3845 What Are You Afraid Of
“Brat, you can’t escape, not after you’ve courted death. Today seems to be a fortunate day for our Mueller family. By eliminating you, we can secure a hundred-year offering from Demon Seal Alliance. Moreover, we’ve also acquired the celestial technique legacy.” At that moment, Selma was overjoyed beyond measure.
Kai, who was in the midst of fleeing, suddenly halted. He then looked at Selma with a face full of mockery.
Selma paused, halting in her tracks, a puzzled look etched across her face as she turned to Kai. “Brat, why are you smiling?”
“I’m smiling because you’re such a fool, believing you could actually acquire the celestial technique legacy. What a load of rubbish.” Kai’s smile grew even more radiant.
Then, right before Selma’s eyes, his figure gradually vanished.
Upon seeing the situation, Selma was instantly shocked.
“I’ve been fooled!” Realizing what was happening, Selma hurriedly rushed back.
At that moment, Leighton was leading his people relentlessly pursuing Kai.
Kai’s arrival had utterly ruined everything for him.
If Leighton had received the celestial technique legacy, his status in the Mueller family would have skyrocketed.
Yet, Kai stole that statue from him.
“Leighton, what’s going on?” Upon rushing back, Selma saw that Leighton had unexpectedly left the mansion, and a sense of unease welled up within her.
“Ms. Selma, Kai seized the statue, interrupting my progress.” After Leighton finished speaking, he spat out blood once again, his eyes filled with rage.
“What?” Selma gritted her teeth, then turned to a few members of the Mueller family and spat, “Are you all just good for nothing? Why didn’t you stop Kai?”
“Ms. Selma, when we located Kai, we had already attempted to stop him. However, we’ve discovered that it was just a shadow clone,” several members of the Mueller family hastily offered their explanations.
“Chase after him now! We must retrieve the statue at all costs. That celestial technique legacy belongs to our family!” With a thunderous roar, Selma led her men to start chasing after Kai.
How shameless! To think Selma would claim Infinitnus Celestial Sect’s celestial technique legacy as theirs! Kai was holding the statue in his hands, using Blazing Stride to sprint rapidly.
“Mr. Vermilion, can you help me understand why I can’t store this statue in my storage ring?” Kai asked with a hint of anxiety.
The statue was slowing him down too much, and if a fight were to break out, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself.
“What can’t you store in this storage ring of yours?” Vermilion Demon Lord asked.
“I can’t put living people inside,” replied Kai.
“That’s the problem, then. This statue is likely made from flesh, so inside the statue, there’s a person.” Vermilion Demon Lord spoke.
“If it’s a person, then they would be a corpse and should’ve been able to be stored in the storage ring,” replied Kai.
In the past, the corpse of the blood demon was stored within the storage ring, and Kai even used it as a weapon.
“What if the person inside the statue isn’t dead?” Vermilion Demon Lord smirked.
“What?” Kai exclaimed in surprise.
He hadn’t expected that the statue he was holding actually had a living person inside.
“So what you’re saying is that this person is still alive? Doesn’t that mean they’ve lived for thousands and thousands of years?” Kai cast a glance of disbelief at the statue.
At that moment, Kai was genuinely terrified that the statue would suddenly burst open, revealing a frenzied immortal who would give him a good beating.
After all, Kai’s abilities would be as weak as an ant’s compared to the disciples of Infinitnus Celestial Sect, a powerful big sect.
Moreover, the fact that the statue was situated deep within the sect’s mansion suggested that the person inside was definitely a higher-up in the sect.
In fact, the person inside the statue might even be the leader of the sect.
The more Kai thought about it, the more scared he became.
“What are you afraid of? Even though the person inside is alive, they may as well be dead. If the statue bursts open, the soul of the person inside will scatter. I believe this person turned themself into a flesh statue to preserve the last shred of their spiritual sense. Probably, they hoped to find the inheritor of Infinitnus Celestial Sect in the years to follow. After all, such a massive sect would want to preserve its lineage, unwilling to be completely forgotten by the relentless tide of history,” Vermilion Demon Lord explained.
Upon hearing that, Kai finally breathed a slight sigh of relief.

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