Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1077 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1077

Serenity thought about Zachary and herself. It seemed like she rarely coaxed him.

When she saw how easily Josh became elated when Jasmine coaxed him, she thought, ‘I’ll buy Zachary a gift when I bring dinner to him later. I’m sure it’ll make him happy.’

“Jasmine, what are we eating tonight?” Serenity asked.

Jasmine said, “Liberty treated us to lunch earlier, so I didn’t buy any groceries. What do you want to eat? I’ll buy it now.”

“You have dinner plans, and I have to send dinner to my husband too. His stomach is unwell, but he has a dinner party. I’m worried his stomach will hurt more if he drinks on an empty stomach. You guys chat. I’ll buy some food and come back.”

Jasmine and Elisa hummed.

After Serenity left, Elisa said enviously, “I envy Seren. It’s not easy for Zachary and her to become an ordinary couple. Zachary is arrogant, but Seren can make him break his character for her.”

“When Mr. York came over in the past, he was like an ice sculpture. The students become timid whenever he helps us man the register or look after the store.”

Elisa laughed. “That’s normal. He’s still the same now. He just puts on a different face in front of Seren. In the future, I need to find a man who’s willing to make exceptions for me in the future. I’ll hold onto his heart and not let him have a chance to slip away.”

“You’re a great person, Elisa. I’m sure you’ll find a man who’s willing to do that for you. Maybe that man is already beside you, and you just haven’t noticed it yet. Be sure to open the door when love comes knocking.”

Elisa said confidently, “I also think I won’t be worse off than Seren. I can also marry a man who loves me.”

She gave up on Zachary, but it did not mean that she gave up happiness. Instead, she was given a new lease of life. She would be able to obtain happiness that belonged solely to her.

She was just waiting for love to knock on her door.

Serenity soon came back from buying groceries. When she returned, she went into the kitchen to start cooking, intending to send a meal made with love to her darling before rush hour and come back quickly to watch the store so that her best friend could go on her date without worry.

When Zachary and her relationship was just warming up, Jasmine often stayed alone in the store. Now that Zachary and her feelings were stable, it was time to let Jasmine go on a date with Josh.

“The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” Elisa teased Serenity as she leaned against the doorway of the small kitchen

“Zachary’s picky stomach has been conquered by you.”

Serenity smiled and glanced at her. “Then, you’d better learn from me so that you can conquer a certain man’s stomach in the future.”

“I’ll pass. I’m waiting for him to conquer my stomach instead.”

“Yep, that’s the Elisa I know.”

Elisa asked, “Seren, when you two spend time together, are you also the one taking care of him? Are you the one who buys groceries and cooks meals?”

“No, it’s mostly Zachary cooking at home. Nana said that Zachary isn’t a good cook, so she told me to give him the chance to practice more. That way, I’ll be well fed as his skills improve.”

Elisa laughed loudly. “Old Mrs. York is really Zachary’s nana. She’s a very smart woman. She’s like an overgrown child, but she’s very respectable. She’s much better than my grandma. When my grandma was alive, she constantly tormented my mom and nitpicked her, giving her all sorts of difficulties.”

“Everyone in the York family is great.”

Elisa agreed with Serenity’s statement.


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