Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1079 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1079

“Do you own this parking space? Is your car the only one that can park here?”

Serenity also had a problem with Carrie, so she did not budge an inch.

She did not have a good impression of Carrie at all.

Carrie choked and said loudly, “This is the front of Camryn’s store. I’m her sister, so I naturally should be able to park here.”

“Oh, so you’re also fully aware that Ms. Camryn is your sister? What did you do to your sister on the night of the Dowling family’s banquet?”

Carrie was spoiled by her parents and was used to bullying Camryn for fun. She said righteously, “That mole rat is just for me to make fun of!”

Serenity really wanted to teach her a lesson.

How could there be a sister like that?

No, she should say that it was Mr. and Mrs. Newman who did not educate their daughter well.

Camryn was not born blind. She became blind because of a serious illness she contracted when she was sixteen. However, Mrs. Newman was cruel and did not care about her, and Mr. Newman was so busy with work that he rarely went home. Camryn got so sick that she almost lost her life. It was only when a relative visited the family and saw Camryn sick that she hurriedly sent Camryn to the hospital.

The doctors took more than ten hours to perform emergency care on her, which saved her life. However, she paid the price with her eyes. Even though her eyes looked like a normal person’s, she could no longer see.

Serenity and Zachary guessed that Camryn was just pretending to be blind, or she was blind before but recovered her sight without letting anyone know. However, they did not have proof.

No matter what, Serenity was full of sympathy toward her future sister-in-law.

Grandma May said that as the eldest missus of the York family, she had to protect her younger sisters-in-law. That was her responsibility as the eldest, and the responsibility of the wife of the next family head.

“I’m warning you, bumpkin. If you don’t give up your parking space, don’t blame me for crashing your stupid car.”

Carrie’s eyes were full of disgust when she saw Serenity driving a national MPV worth only a hundred thousand. How could the missus of the York family not even have a proper car? She must not be liked by her in-laws.

What was the York family? A man of Zachary York’s status should be matched with ladies like Carrie. A country bumpkin like Serenity was not even worthy of holding Zachary’s shoes.

Mrs. Newman hated Serenity because the latter made a fool of her precious daughter during the Dowling family banquet. She was annoyed that Serenity meddled and helped Camryn, so she ran her mouth about Serenity to Carrie, saying that Serenity followed Mrs. Stone to the banquet that night because she was not acknowledged by the Yorks.

The ladies of the York family could not be bothered with Serenity and were not willing to let her socialize with their friends and help introduce her to high society. Thus, Serenity had no choice but to follow Mrs. Stone to the banquet.

Mrs. Newman selectively did not tell her daughter about Tania defending Serenity.

“How dare you try to compete with me for parking space when you’re driving such a useless car? I’m telling you, if you scratch my car, you won’t be able to afford to pay for the repairs even if you sell your body. Do you know how much my car is worth? It costs several million!”

The Newman family was secretly rich with a fortune of more than a billion. They were ranked among the top in Wiltspoon.

Carrie was Mr. Newman’s firstborn. Even though she was a girl, he still treasured her dearly. She got everything she asked for growing up, and he gave her a luxury car worth millions when she turned eighteen.

“First come, first serve. I came here, so I parked here first. Why should I give up my spot to you? If you crash my car, I’ll make sure you pay for a new one. I was just thinking about getting a new car anyway.”

“I won’t pay you a single penny even after I turn your car into scrap metal,” Carrie said loudly.


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