Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1080 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1080

“Carrie Newman!”

Camryn, who was manning the store inside, heard the argument at the entrance and slowly walked out with her white cane.

Serenity looked at her and saw that she was the same as that night. She wore large black sunglasses so that her eyes were hidden, and her stunning face was still as expressionless as that night.

“What are you screaming at?”

Camryn was totally familiar with her own territory. When she heard the sound of two people quarreling, she determined their positions and walked up to Serenity, asking warmly, “Are you Mrs. York?”

“What Mrs. York? That’s just a hillbilly. Don’t bother flattering her, mole rat. Just you wait. A country bumpkin like her will be chased out of the York family soon. I don’t believe that Mr. York actually likes a country bumpkin like her.

Carrie hated it when others called Serenity Mrs. York. She did not dare go after Zachary because of his cold nature, but she was ambitious and wanted to marry into the York family too.

There were nine young masters in the York family. Her mother picked out the one with the gentlest temperament out of nine, the seventh son. He was two to three years older than her, but her mother said that only a man a little older than her would dote on her and spoil her.

Carrie was capricious and bad-tempered, so she needed someone good-natured like him to indulge her.

She thought, ‘I’ll be marrying into the York family in the future. I’ll never accept a hick like Serenity as my sister-in-law.’

Therefore, she could not accept people calling Serenity Mrs. York.

“Shut your mouth!”

Camryn snapped coldly. Without waiting for Carrie’s reaction, she said to Serenity apologetically, “Mrs. York, she was spoiled rotten by my mother and doesn’t know what’s good for her. Please don’t take offense.”

“You damned mole rat. How dare you scold me? Don’t think that you can act like an older sister just because Daddy helped you this time and didn’t let me teach you a lesson. I’m telling you, they’re my parents, and they’re my family. What right do you have to lecture me?

“Do you think you could remain at home if not for the fact that I need a punching bag? My mom would’ve kicked you out long ago.”

Even if Camryn went home now, she lived in the nanny’s room.

Her uncle cum stepfather told her that it was inconvenient for her to go upstairs since she could not see, so he told her to stay in the nanny’s room on the first floor. The nanny’s room was split into two, with the larger half given to the housekeeper while the smaller half was given to her, the eldest daughter of the Newman family.

Serenity noticed Camryn’s grip on her cane tightened at Carrie’s words.

She wondered how much this girl suffered silently. There must be something she was unwilling to leave behind if she stuck around to endure it for so many years.

Carrie tried to slap Camryn as she yelled at the latter, but Serenity grabbed her wrist.

Serenity flung Carrie’s hand away and said coldly, “Would you believe me if I said I’ll rip your arm off?”

“Try me!”

Serenity sneered. “Sure! Ms. Carrie, my husband told me that it doesn’t matter how many people I offend so long as it’s not them offending me. He’ll definitely seek justice for me.”

It was quite cool having an overbearing and powerful husband. She could be even more arrogant when she met an arrogant person.

Serenity felt like she could do whatever she wanted.


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