Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1083 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1083

Serenity would not take no for an answer as she put the two hundred bucks in Camryn’s palm.

Camryn felt the money with her fingers before pulling one bill and giving it back to Serenity.

She said, “If you insist, I’ll take half the money.”

Since the girls were not close yet, Serenity relented and took back a hundred-dollar bill from Camryn before replying with a grin, “Thank you, Ms. Newman.

Your flowers here are beautiful.

I’ll be sure to come back for more.”

Camryn beamed.

“You’re always welcome.

You can call me in advance if you need anything.

Just let me know who it is for, and I’ll have the flowers picked out and wrapped up.

You can come and collect without waiting.”

Turning on her heel, she went to the cash register.

Camryn held onto the table as she got behind the cash register and pulled the drawer to get a box of business cards.

She retrieved a business card before making her way back to Serenity.

“This is my business card, Mrs.


Serenity drew close and took the card.

“You can expect a phone call from me when I need your service.

Goodbye now, Ms. Newman.”

“Have a nice day, Mrs.


Camryn felt her way out of the cash register and walked out with Serenity.

With Serenity’s footsteps fading into her ride, Camryn waved her hand and silently bade farewell.

Serenity put the bouquet on the passenger’s seat, buckled up, and told Camryn, “Ms. Newman, you should go inside.”

Camryn smiled.

She only turned around and returned to her shop when Serenity started the engine and drove off.

Several minutes later, Serenity’s worthless junk of a car, as Carrie put it, entered York Corporation.

Zachary had a lot of cars in the garage.

He also gave Serenity a new vehicle on Valentine’s Day, but Serenity did not accept the gift.

Serenity did not replace her car even after the couple kissed and made up.

This was the first car Zachary had ever given to her, so it meant something to Serenity.

That was Zachary’s cue to stop getting her car replaced.

The type of car she drove did not define her as his wife.

Seen as the savior by all employees of York Corporation, Serenity arrived at the CEO’s office without a hitch.

The door opened before she knocked on the door.

Callum was just leaving with files tucked under his arm.

He must have had a discussion with Zachary.

Callum could tell that Serenity was here to deliver a packed dinner by spotting the flowers in one hand and the food container in the other.

Since it was only half an hour until the office hours were over, Zachary could have dinner right away.

He was jealous, to say the least.

Zachary and Serenity could enjoy their lovey-dovey moment at home.

Why did they have to bring it to the office? Callum was tortured every second of the day for being single.

“Serenity,” Callum greeted with a smile as his gaze fell on the food container.

“What did you bring for Zachary, Serenity? Is it heavy? I’ll carry the container for you.”

He then reached out to grab the box when a hand was one step ahead of taking the load from Serenity.

Zachary took the food from his wife while putting a hand on Callum’s back and giving him a push.

Callum was propelled right out of the office.

Pulling his wife into the office, Zachary quickly slammed the door behind him.

Callum was left on the other side of the door.

He was speechless.

Rubbing his nose, Callum turned on his heel to walk away and mumbled, “Mr. Chaplin, is your CEO so afraid I’ll steal his food? He pushed me out! He pushed me out of the office!”

Family was nothing in the presence of food.

Callum was forced out of there.

Mr. Chaplin remarked with a smile, “At least you can see that.

I won’t bother to knock when the CEO’s wife is here.

I let her knock and show herself in.

That way, I won’t be a third wheel and get dirty looks from the boss.”


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