Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1084 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1084

Callum responded, “I only ran into Serenity on my way out after a discussion with Zachary.

She’s my cousin-in-law.

I mean, I should at least get to sample when family comes over with food.” Mr. Chaplin laughed in delight.

“That was why Mr. Zachary pushed you out of there.” Only Callum would be so bold to pull such a move.

Well, he was family with Zachary and Serenity after all, and family would not have a falling out over a tiny matter.

Callum pursed her lips.

“What’s the big deal? So he has a wife.

He acts like none of us can get a wife.” “You can get yourself a wife who delivers food to you every day too.

All the other single men like me will be jealous of you.” Callum choked.

His nana’s chosen wife for him was someone blind.

There was no way she could cook for him.

It was more like the other way round.

“Mr. Bucham has a glow to him lately with a spring in his step.

Love must be beautiful, I guess.” Callum drew close to Mr. Chaplin and tugged on his tie.

“Tell me that when you have a girlfriend too.” Mr. Chaplin was a single man himself.

“I can’t compare myself to Josh.

He’s the luckiest guy.” Josh and Ms.

Sox did not face obstacles in their relationship.

The families of both sides were dying to hear wedding bells soon.

The Sox family had nothing on the Buchams when it came to the family fortune.

Still, the Soxes were pretty well-to-do, if not rich.

Besides, Jasmine’s aunt was Mrs.

Lowe, so it elevated Jasmine’s social status to a certain point.

Josh and Jasmine could be put in the same social class.

The pair were made for each other as they were nosy and craved gossip.

Callum had to hold himself back from asking Josh to dig into Camryn when his nana picked a blind wife for him.

Callum did not want Josh involved in his love life.

It was not like Callum could do anything about it because Josh always found his way into everybody’s business.

After pushing his cousin out of the office, Zachary took the flowers from Serenity and relaxed his callous facial features into a smile.

His face beamed as bright as the afternoon sun.

“What’s the occasion? The flowers are beautiful and smell good.” He lowered his head for a whiff.

His joy and smile made Serenity happy.

Serenity replied gleefully, “Oh, no reason.

I just thought of giving them to you.

Do you like the bouquet?” Jasmine had a point.

Men needed to feel loved and appreciated too.

The flowers she gave him were not worth much money, but he was over the moon by the gift.

“T love it.

I will love anything you give it, even if it’s a weed.” “You’ll get your wish for a weed next then.” Zachary smiled.

“Sure.” Serenity pulled Zachary to sit down on the sofa before uttering with a grin, “Eat your food while it’s hot.

I need to hurry back to the shop.

Mr. Bucham is having dinner with Jasmine.

I need to watch over the shop tonight.” Hearing that Josh had a date with Jasmine tonight, Zachary murmured something under his breath.

Serenity could not catch what he was saying.

“Did you get the flowers from Camryn’s shop?” Putting down the bouquet and food container, Zachary got up and walked into the private resting room.

He soon returned with a few exquisite-looking bags.

He gave the bags to Serenity and said, “1 have gifts for you too, Seren.”


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