Married at First Sight Chapter 2085 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2085 by desirenovel“My brother is here.”

Hugh wanted to remind Kevin, who knew that Kevin had already got up and walked forward with two bags.

Hugh muttered: “The eyes are so good, the movements are so fast.”

No wonder Kevin dared to pursue his sister. And let his sister tolerate it.

Seeing Hayden being entangled by Kevin, others were guessing when the two would end up, but Hugh felt that his sister was conniving at Kevin’s entanglement.

Who is his sister? How could such a powerful person not be able to deal with Kevin?

Obviously, it was his sister who admired Kevin very much, so she acted as if she was helplessly entangled by Kevin, and indulged Kevin to continue pestering her.

Oh, he just needed to think about these words in his heart, didn’t say them out, otherwise his sister would beat him up violently.

When Hayden saw Kevin approaching, she was tense.

Kevin approached, looked at her face, and said with a smile: “You don’t feel tired sticking to two marbles every day.”

Hayden glare at him.

Hayden: “People put gold on their faces, but you put marble on your face and it’s tight.”

Kevin: “You’re hungry. I just had someone bring you breakfast and eat it in the car. Let’s go, Uncle and Auntie are still waiting for us to go home for lunch.”

Kevin freed up a hand to hold Hayden’s hand, but she avoided it.

Hayden didn’t speak, and didn’t pick up the breakfast. Surrounded by the bodyguards, she strode towards the outside of the hotel.

Hugh greeted him.

“elder brother.” Hugh yelled and followed Hayden’s footsteps.

“Brother, I didn’t even think that you would be hungry. Mr. York thought of it, and asked someone to pack it up and deliver it early. I will help him prove that the breakfast was just delivered, and it is the breakfast from Fortress Hotel.”

Hayden still didn’t speak.

She walked with strides, and soon left the hotel, and the bodyguards followed suit.

There were entertainment reporters lurking nearby. When they saw her siblings, they didn’t take pictures. They liked to take photos of Hayden and Kevin together.

Soon, Hayden got into her car.

The bodyguard was about to close the car door, but Kevin blew over like the wind, shouting: “Wait a minute.”

The bodyguard’s action of closing the door was half a beat slow, and this piece of brown sugar seized the opportunity, and quickly got into Hayden’s car.

Hayden really wanted to kick him out of the car.

Her foot moved, but she didn’t kick it in the end.

Kevin sat beside Hayden, handed the two bags of packed breakfast to Hayden again, and said, “Eat something first, don’t get hungry, put it in your car early, and I’ll get off right away.”

Hayden looked at him, then at the two packed breakfast bags, and after a silence, reached out to take the bags.


The feeling of being cared, taken care of, thoughtful, held in the palm of the hand, um, actually quite happy, it was easy to make people’s hearts flutter.

Kevin told her: “Eat it while it’s hot, it won’t taste good if it’s cold.”

With that said, he opened the door and got out of the car.

Seeing Kevin get off the car, Hugh asked with a smile, “Did you get driven off by my brother?”

Kevin: “Your brother is willing to drive me out of the car. I drove here by myself. I have to drive the car back. Just give your brother breakfast. If I rely on his car, he will fight against me. He didn’t eat a single bite, he was starved to death, and I was the one who felt distressed.”

Hayden had not recovered her identity as a woman, Kevin still agreed with Hugh in front of everyone, and treated Hayden as a man.

Hugh patted Kevin’s shoulder, and said with a smile: “Mr. York, because of how consider you are to my brother, I will support you mentally. Come on!”

Kevin smiled: “Thank you, I will work hard.”


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