Married At First Sight Chapter 2731 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2731-“Mom, have a good talk with Dad, listen to Dad’s explanation, and don’t make a decision that you will regret.” Kathryn persuaded Matriarch Farrell in a gentle voice.

Matriarch Farrell waved her hand and motioned for her daughter to follow her son out.

When Kathryn passed by Holden, she said softly to him, “Dad, please explain to my mother carefully. You and my mother have been husband and wife for decades.”

Holden nodded. He wanted to speak but didn’t know what to say.

Kathryn was related to him by blood and would still speak for him at critical moments.

After all four children had walked out of the study room, Matriarch Farrell walked over to check whether the door was closed. She opened the door again and looked outside to make sure that none of the four children were eavesdropping. Then she closed the door again and locked it.

She turned around, stopped in front of Holden, and looked at him condescendingly.

“Honey, I really don’t know why something like that happened. Shiloh and I must have been plotted.” Holden explained clearly.

After Matriarch Farrell looked down at Holden for a long time, she returned to the chair and sat down. She asked coldly, “Tell me what you were doing after Shiloh brought you food upstairs?”

Holden recalled what happened just now with a pale face. He said, “I was just in a bad mood and was drinking alone. I got the wine from Marco. Marco drank it, and there was still half a bottle left. I asked him for it. He gave it to me.”

“After Shiloh went upstairs, I asked Shiloh to drink two drinks with me, and then I confided in her what was on my mind. Wife, I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have cheated on you when you were not in Jensburg. It was my fault. I still resent you in my heart; it’s all my fault.”

At this moment, Holden did not dare to hide anything and told Matriarch Farrell honestly that he was complaining to Shiloh about her domineering behavior.

Matriarch Farrell knew that Holden had a grudge against her.

She has been suppressing Holden since she got married, fearing that he would cheat on her and do something wrong to her.

Of course, there was a sweet period between them; otherwise, they would not have had four children in a row.

After giving birth to Kathryn, she felt that she had a successor, so her focus was on the company and her children, and she paid less and less attention to Holden. She thought she was the head of the family, and she was getting older, so there was no need to talk about feelings anymore.

She didn’t expect that Holden would still cheat on her. Maybe he had been thinking about it since he was young. He finally took advantage of the opportunity, and then he actually cheated on her.

She would be angry if he cheated on someone else, but it wouldn’t be as hard to accept as it is now.

Shiloh was not her biological daughter, but she raised her as her biological daughter. She couldn’t accept that the scene she just saw had become reality.

No matter how angry, angry, or wishing to turn back time, there was no way to turn back time. What happened would happen.

Just like before, she regretted killing her elder sister and younger sister, but there was no use in regretting. She had done everything she had done. No matter how much she regretted it, she could not bring both her older sister and younger sister back to life. She could only be cruel. Walk the dark road to the end.

Holden continued: “Then, Shiloh and I both finished the glass of wine. After finishing the wine, I felt hotter and hotter, and so did Shiloh. Both she and I were compelled to remove our clothing due to the extreme heat. Then, neither did we. You know what, that’s it.”

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