Married At First Sight Chapter 2732 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2732-When Holden said this, he came to his senses and said quickly, “Honey, there’s something wrong with the wine. There must be something wrong with the wine. Shiloh and I were just like that after drinking. Are you having a banquet at home tonight? Is there anyone there? There was something tampered with in the drink.

It’s the person named Liberty. She is your sister’s descendant. Many people say that you killed your sister. She came here to avenge you. She doesn’t want to make your life easy. She knows that you love her the most. The person you want is Shiloh, and Shiloh is not our biological daughter, so she designed Shiloh and me to attack you like that.”

Matriarch Farrell knew there was something wrong with the drink. She sneered and said, “Liberty never touched a drink from the time she came in to the time she left. How could she plot against you and Shiloh? Holden, even if you two really plotted, it would not be Liberty. I know that Liberty came to Jensburg for the Farrell family.

I am old too, but I am not so old that I am confused. If you want to blame Liberty for this matter, you will not succeed. The people coming tonight are not only Liberty but also Mr. Queen and Mr. York. They were all present, and so many people from the clan were watching.

Don’t talk about liberty. You can’t even find a scapegoat among the people in the clan. The person who brought you food was Shiloh. She also brought you a bottle of wine. The wine was not opened. You can drink it. But you brought the wine from Marco.

The person who plotted against you is Marco?”

After analyzing the eldest son, Matriarch Farrell’s face became even more ashen.

Holden was also shocked. He didn’t expect that the eldest son would plot against him.


Marco was his first child. He loved him very much. In addition, Marco took the surname Janzen, and he was a descendant of his Janzen family. His love for Shiloh was because he wanted to cultivate a good relationship between father and daughter until she took over. Then he and the Janzen family could get more benefits.

“There is no need for Marco to do this.” Matriarch Farrell said coldly, “That person might be Shiloh, who brings you food upstairs.”

Holden: “It won’t be Marco. Marco is my biological son, and he will not treat me like this. Wife, I am really being plotted. You have to believe me. No matter how lustful I am, I will never get along with Shiloh.”

“But you’re already like that.” Matriarch Farrell said coldly, “I will never forget that scene. I kicked Shiloh out. She was not from my Farrell family; she was not my daughter. Her father did something to hurt the mother and daughter for the sake of the mother-daughter relationship of more than 20 years. I didn’t take my anger out on her.

But she is sleeping with you. I don’t care how it happened; I can’t tolerate it. From now on, she is no longer a member of my Farrell family. Everything I gave her, I will get back. She is just a servant’s daughter!

My biological daughter is Kathryn! As for you, Holden, you are resentful of me. You have long thought of betraying me. You have had a history of cheating on me before. I will never believe you again, no matter what you say.

Now you have two options: one is to divorce me and leave the Farrell family. Second, you should commit suicide.

As long as you become an old eunuch, I can rest assured that our marriage can last until we die, leaving you with some dignity.”

Holden’s expression changed drastically.

Matriarch Farrell stood up, walked to the back of the desk, opened the drawer, took out a pair of scissors, and then threw the scissors in front of Holden.

She sat down at the desk and watched Holden choose coldly.

Holden trembled all over.

If he got divorced, he would die. Also, Matriarch Farrell would not let him go. Even though she said it so generously, she wouldn’t make it easy for him if she was angry with him.

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