Married At First Sight Chapter 2733 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2733-People far away in Wiltspoon didn’t know what Holden would choose.

Zachary’s cell phone rang in the middle of the night. The phone rang, waking him up. He quickly grabbed the phone and picked it up, not even pausing to check the caller ID. He then quietly got out of bed, left the room, and asked in a low voice, “Who is it?”

Kevin: “Brother, it’s me.”

“Kevin, it’s so late, and you still haven’t slept.”

Hearing the call from Kevin, Zachary quickly went to close the bedroom door. Then he walked out of the room, daring to speak louder.

Zachary asked, “Did something happen?”

Kevin asked first, “Brother, is my sister-in-law awake?”

Zachary: “No, after she became pregnant, she would sleep very deeply whenever she fell asleep. Did something happen to my eldest sister?”

Otherwise, Kevin wouldn’t call him in the middle of the night.

Zachary’s heart skipped a beat.

Liberty had only been in Jensburg for a long time. If something happened, Serenity would definitely not be able to bear it.

“Brother, there was an accident. We just returned to the hotel. I asked Sister Liberty to go rest first and talk about anything tomorrow. I felt that I should tell you about this matter, so I called you quickly. Brother, even if I don’t call you, you will receive the news tomorrow.”

Because the bodyguards Liberty brought to Jensburg were from three families, the bodyguards arranged by Zachary would also tell him, and the bodyguards from the Lewis family would inform Duncan, as well as the bodyguards from the Stone family.

Zachary heard Kevin say that Liberty had returned to the hotel and she was fine. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“What accident?” Zachary lowered his voice and asked, “No one was injured, right?”

“None of us were injured. One of the bodyguards of the Farrell family died, and my car crashed.”

The vehicle Liberty used in Jensburg belonged to Kevin.

“I will give you a car as compensation.” Zachary said it immediately.

He asked Kevin to help him protect Liberty. He had to compensate for the loss of a car.

“Brother, no need; I don’t have any shortage of cars. I’m going to buy a new car for Sister Liberty.”

The house Kevin bought in Jensburg is in the final stages of decoration, and he has not moved in yet. The vehicles he used here were all parked in the hotel parking lot. In addition to the Maybach he used daily, he also had several dozen cars. If there was a car, it would be arranged for Liberty to use.

The car that crashed cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. To him, it was like having a hair pulled out, and he did not need Zachary to compensate him.

“Tell me what’s going on?”

The car matter could be put aside. Zachary wanted to know what happened tonight.

It’s impossible for Liberty to start a fight with the Farrell family as soon as she comes over, right?

She just went to Jensburg to fight for the country.

Kevin told Zachary what happened tonight. After he finished speaking, he said, “Sister Liberty is so defensive that she didn’t even dare to take her car after leaving the Farrell family. She chose to take Hayden’s car. The Farrell family may tamper with Sister Liberty’s car, but they won’t touch Hayden’s car.”

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