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Married at First Sight Chapter 2734-Kevin continued: “Sister Liberty’s bodyguard team also got into Hayden’s bodyguard car. They all made the excuse that they were drunk and could not drive. The butler of the Farrell family probably didn’t know about it. Sister Liberty made requests to him, and he complied with her.

The car accident looked like it was planned ahead of time, but we didn’t believe it was an accident. The driving recorders of the two bodyguard cars behind us could see that the truck was traveling very fast. After overtaking the two bodyguard cars, it directly pursued Liberty. The car my sister took when she went to Farrell’s house had no traffic in the lane next to it. Normally, the truck could change lanes and overtake instead of directly catching up and rear-ending the truck.

The truck was traveling at a high speed, and the rear-end collision was too violent. The car that Sister Liberty was in was hit in the opposite lane, overturned, and turned upside down. Then the car caught fire soon after. We wanted to save people and put out the fire. Nothing can be saved.”

The bodyguard of the Farrell family, who was burned to death, died tragically.

Kevin added, “A huge scandal also happened in the Farrell family tonight. This big scandal was probably not arranged by Matriarch Farrell. It happened suddenly. I don’t know who was behind it. Anyway, it was extremely exciting. The innocence of Matriarch Farrell is real. Things have changed; Sister Liberty chose to come here at this time; the timing is quite good.”

Kevin told Zachary about Holden and Shiloh.

“Brother, you don’t know that scene. Everyone was dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe what they saw. I rubbed my eyes several times and saw clearly that it was indeed Holden and Shiloh. I wasn’t just being dazzled. They were competing with each other. Young people are even more intense.

No wonder Holden cheated on Matriarch Farrell while she was in Wiltspoon. Anyway, the Farrell family is in chaos.”

Zachary warned Kevin in a low voice: “The Farrell family is in chaos, so you should be careful. That old woman can kill her own sisters as well, and she can do anything.”

Kevin said, “Brother, don’t worry; nothing will happen to me. I will also protect Sister Liberty. I want to protect Hayden, but it’s a pity that she doesn’t need me. She is much stronger than me in Jensburg. “

Kevin sounded disappointed when he spoke, but the expression on his face was proud.

He was proud of Hayden.

Zachary said, “If you have anything to do, tell me anytime. It’s very late. You can go and rest.”

It’s already midnight.

Kevin hummed, said good night to Zachary, and hung up the phone.

Zachary was silent for a few minutes before turning around and returning to the room.

He quietly returned to the bed, sat down quietly, gently lifted the quilt, and was about to lie down when Serenity opened her eyes and looked at him.

Zachary made a move.

“Honey, did I disturb you?”

Serenity was about to sit up, and Zachary quickly reached out to support her and asked her, “Are you thirsty? I’ll get you a glass of warm water.”

Serenity said, “Well, I’m going to the bathroom first.”

Zachary supported her and got out of bed. After watching her enter the bathroom, he went to pour her a glass of warm water, then sat on the edge of the bed and waited for her to come out.

When Serenity came out, he put down the glass of water and stood up to help her. Serenity said to him, “I’m not a big belly yet, so I don’t need you to support me. Don’t be nervous. If you are so nervous, when I give birth, won’t you be as nervous as Elisa, who drove her car to the hospital by herself, and the pregnant woman didn’t know it until she got in the car.”

Zachary coughed lightly and said, “No matter how nervous I am, I can’t make the same mistake as Elisa. I carried you into the car as soon as possible. You won’t be left behind, even if you leave me behind.”

Serenity smiled. “You are left behind. Who will drive for me? I can drive to the hospital to give birth by myself? Once the labor pain starts, it will become more and more painful. I may not be able to drive to the hospital by myself.

When I give birth to my baby next year, don’t drive. I’m worried about it. Let the driver at home drive.”

Ever since Serenity was pregnant, Zachary has been easily nervous. When she gave birth, she didn’t dare let him drive for fear that he would make a mistake when he was nervous.


Zachary was also worried that when she gave birth to a baby, she would be too nervous and afraid and make mistakes.

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