Married At First Sight Chapter 2735 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2735-“Honey, drink water.” Zachary followed Serenity back to the bed, picked up the glass of warm water, and handed it to her. She only took two sips and then didn’t want it.

Serenity said, “Just moisten my throat. I don’t want to drink too much, so I don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom. Who called you just now?”

Zachary lied calmly, “Josh couldn’t sleep. He called me in the middle of the night to harass me. I scolded him. He just wanted to take revenge on me. In the past, he often had his sweet dreams interrupted by me in the middle of the night.”

Serenity looked at him and said, “Husband, when you picked up the phone, I wasn’t sleepy, and I didn’t want to get up. What you said wasn’t clear to me, but it was definitely not from Josh. You lied to me just because you were afraid that I would worry. Was that phone call from Kevin?”

The only one who could make her worry was her sister, Liberty.

Zachary hugged her. “Others say you are stupid after one pregnancy for three years, but my wife is still extremely smart.”

Serenity: “What did Kevin say? Did something happen to my sister?”

“Sister is fine. Something happened to the Farrell family. Your sister went to the Farrell family for dinner last night. As a result, the Farrell family caused a big scandal. Your sister and the others left the Farrell family quickly. They are resting at the hotel now. You don’t have to worry.

With Kevin and Hayden over there, my sister will be fine. Duncan and I, as well as your aunt, have arranged for bodyguards to follow her. Don’t worry, sister, she is mainly trying to win over the members of the Farrell family and those in Jensburg. Building a business empire just takes a little longer.”

Naturally, those who invested in Liberty were the York family, the Lewis family, and the Stone family.

In fact, Liberty was a person who came forward to do things, and the real bosses were the three major families in Wiltspoon.

This is mainly because Audrey strongly encouraged Liberty to compete with Kathryn for the title of head of the Farrell family.

“What happened to the Farrell family?” Serenity asked, “Is my sister really okay?”

Liberty had a bodyguard team, but she didn’t know how to box or kick.

When Liberty was at the age that was most suitable for practicing martial arts, the conditions at home were still mediocre. Her parents were not able to sign her up to learn some boxing and martial arts for self-defense. became better; she was already in her teens and missed the best age for learning martial arts.

Serenity was the one who started learning martial arts at a relatively late age. The little boxing and kicking martial arts she had learned were still enough to deal with some gangsters, but against the real masters, she couldn’t use three moves in the hands of others.

But no matter how good her boxing and kicking skills were, she could at least know a few moves and be more confident. When she encountered danger, she could fight hard and turn defeat into victory.

She felt that she was better than Liberty when it came to fighting.

Zachary hugged her and said, “It’s okay. If something happens, can I hide it from you? Sister Liberty is your biological sister. If something happens to her, if I hide it from you, won’t you be worried about me if you know the truth in the future?

Honey, what I told you is the truth. Sister is really fine. Just sleep peacefully. I don’t dare to hide anything from you now, for fear that you will make trouble with me.”

He concealed his identity and had a flash marriage with her, but later she found out the truth and how much trouble there was. Zachary was still frightened when he thought about it.

He was afraid to death that she would leave him.

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