Married At First Sight Chapter 2736 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2736-It was enough to experience that kind of fear once, but Zachary didn’t want to experience it a second time.

“What happened to the Farrell family?” Serenity asked and then said, “I’ve woken up and can’t sleep for the time being. Please tell me.”

Zachary came closer, kissed her on the face, and then poked her on the lips, smiling lowly: “I’m afraid it will stain your ears, which is really not a good thing, oh, compared to us It’s considered a good thing for you, and the bad things that happen to the Farrell family are our good things.”

Seeing her interested look, Zachary whispered a few words into her ear, which made Serenity’s eyes widen.

She looked at Zachary, not very convinced.

Zachary nodded and said, “That’s what Kevin said. Kevin also saw that scene. He said that he was so shocked that his eyeballs fell out. He touched the ground for a long time before picking up his dropped eyeballs.”

Serenity chuckled. “The way you describe it… Kevin is not here. If he were here, it would be strange not to settle the score with you.

Matriarch Farrell’s husband’s surname is Janzen, right? Shiloh is their adopted daughter. Before the truth came out, Mr. Janzen was raising her as his biological daughter. The relationship between father and daughter is deep, and it is impossible for them to do that.

Who is behind all this? Isn’t it said that, as Matriarch Farrell, there will always be an assistant by her side? Isn’t that assistant particularly powerful?”

Zachary said, “There is no doubt that the two of them were plotted. The person who planned all this behind the scenes is an outsider, except for the Farrell family. He still hates Shiloh and Mr. Janzen and wants to put them in trouble. Even if they die, I hope they shed a layer of their skin.

This person also needs to understand the character of Matriarch Farrell. He knows that Matriarch Farrell cannot accept this result. No matter whether Mr. Janzen and Shiloh are innocent or not, Matriarch Farrell cannot accept it and will take action to deal with these two people.”

Serenity thought of Kathryn: “Could it be Kathryn?”

Zachary said, “Do you think it could be her?”

After thinking about it, Serenity shook her head and said, “She probably can’t. She has the blood of Matriarch Farrell’s cruelty in her body, but she didn’t grow up in Farrell’s family. Her growing environment was considered harsh. She was trained to be ruthless and not ruthless. She can’t stand firmly, but she still has a conscience, so I’m afraid she won’t be able to do such obscene things.

However, I think she should be an insider. The Mr. Fraser who came to Wiltspoon is from Kathryn. Josh went to look into Mr. Fraser and discovered that he was the assistant Matriarch Farrell had arranged for her biological daughter, which indicates that Mr. Fraser is also very powerful.

If Kathryn didn’t know about what happened in her family in advance, she, the successor of the Farrell family, would be a bit derelict in her duties.”

Zachary smiled and praised: “Wife, you’re so smart.”

Serenity said, “Who could have done this? It was so cruel and vicious. It affected the situation within the Farrell family. He could kill both Mr. Janzen and Shiloh with one move, and it also made Matriarch Farrell very upset.

I have never been to Jensburg. I heard from my sister how arrogant the fake daughter was towards the real daughter Kathryn. In the Farrell family mansion, the fake daughter also joined forces with other members of the Farrell family to target Kathryn. It is easy for arrogant people to offend someone. If they offend someone, they will be resented by the villain.

Didn’t we say some time ago that the three young masters of the Farrell family all cheated? I think the mastermind of this matter is most likely one of the three young ladies of the Farrell family, or even the three of them working together.”

Zachary kissed her appreciatively again and coaxed in a gentle voice, “Honey, we didn’t go there, and we don’t care about it. There’s no need to analyze it any further. Go to sleep. We all have to go to work tomorrow. You set the alarm clock for 6:30 in the morning. If you don’t sleep, the alarm clock won’t wake you up.”

Serenity said, “Tomorrow morning, we have to send Sonny to kindergarten. Sonny took a day off to let him and Titus play as much as they wanted. The two little guys went crazy.”

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