Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1086 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1086

“They are bound to come and beg us for help,” Zachary predicted.

Serenity chuckled sarcastically.

Zachary was like a brick wall.

What could he do if his cousins came to him for help? Zachary was probably only good for taunts and horrible ideas.

“You don’t believe me, babe.” “Not at all.” Zachary stared into her eyes and said, “We’ll just have to wait and see.

They’ll come to me as the senior male figure in the family when they’re in trouble.

Even if I can’t do anything to help, I can lend an ear.” Since Zachary’s cousins had the utmost respect and trust in Zachary, Serenity had confidence in Zachary’s prediction.

“Did Ms. Carrie get into a disagreement with you?” Serenity mentioned running into Carrie and the feud between the sisters, but there was nothing further about what happened between Serenity and Carrie.

Sure, Carrie was cocky, but Serenity would always put Carrie in her place.

Since he asked, Serenity came clean to Zachary about Carrie’s arrogant behavior.

Serenity did not want to give him another reason to moan about her keeping things from him as if he was not family.

Zachary scowled grimacingly as he got up and walked away.

He soon returned and put the car keys to his Rolls Royce in Serenity’s hand.

He domineeringly uttered, “Take this car, Seren.

Let’s see if Ms. Carrie will call your ride junk again.

The nerve of her to threaten to bang your car.” Mr. Newman had come in person to apologize on behalf of his wife and daughter.

However, it appeared that Ms. Carrie had not learned her lesson.

Ms. Carrie had the audacity to hold it against Serenity! “You can’t stoop to a crazy person’s level and go crazy with them.” Serenity returned the car keys to him.

“I love driving my pile of junk.” “Seren.” Zachary exclaimed, “I can’t stand people looking down on you.” “A car isn’t going to change someone’s perception of me.

Even if I drive the Rolls Royce, people are just going to say that I’m a gold digger, and I owe it all to you.

They’ll still look down on me.” The only way to get people to quit belittling her was to be strong with her own strength.

Zachary was speechless.

Pulling Serenity into his arms, he lovingly and helplessly uttered, “You’re stubborn.

Do you know that, Seren? You can really test me sometimes.” Serenity wrapped her arms around his muscular waist and replied with a smile, “That’s who I am.

You can’t change me.

Just bear with me.” “1 will always put up with you.” The couple shared a lingering cuddle until Serenity nudged him away.

She asked, “Are you full? I need to tidy up and get back to the shop.” Zachary reluctantly mumbled something under his breath.

This time, Serenity caught what he was saying.

He was groaning about Josh ditching the business meeting and having a date with his girlfriend.

Caught between tears and laughter, Serenity remarked, “Why don’t you think about the times you left work in Mr. Bucham’s hands to spend time with me?

You should at least give Mr. Bucham and Jasmine some time to go on a date.” Zachary pursed his lips without another word.

Serenity packed up and rewarded her husband with a passionate kiss.

After the deep kiss, she said, “I’ll wait for you at home.

Please don’t drink too much, or even better, don’t drink at all.” “T’ll tell the clients that my wife doesn’t allow me to drink.

Pll have to sleep in the study if I get a drop of alcohol in me.

I bet they’ll stop me from drinking too.” Serenity was at a loss for words.


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