Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1087 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1087

Despite Zachary’s yearning for Serenity to stay, Serenity still left the office in the end and went back to watch her shop.

By the time of her return, the shop was still bustling with students.

Since Josh had not arrived, Serenity and Jasmine dove right into work.

The crowd of students was slowly dispersing when Josh made it to the shop.

By then, Serenity could handle the work all on her own.

Josh would always drop in with flowers for Jasmine.

Jasmine would also prepare little gifts for him.

The couple looked out for one another and always had each other’s best interests at heart.

They were a pair made in heaven.

“Seren, we’re leaving for our date now.” Jasmine held her purse and bouquet given by Josh before announcing her leave to Serenity with a smile.

Once Serenity acknowledged her, Jasmine took off with Josh.

Serenity was kept occupied for a while until the last swarm of students left.

She then went into the kitchen to heat her food up and enjoyed her dinner behind the cash register.

“Serenity.” Holding a bowl in his hands, Mr. Charles from next door was munching on something as he approached.

“Are you only having your dinner now, Mr. Charles?” “Yeah.

Seems like you are too.” Mr. Charles inquired with a smile, “Did Jasmine leave? I saw her carrying a bouquet of flowers and leaving with a handsome boy who often drops by your shop.

Is he Jasmine’s boyfriend?” “Yes.

He’s Mr. Bucham, Jasmine’s boyfriend.” Serenity invited Mr. Charles in for a seat.

Instead of taking a seat, Mr. Charles cheerfully remarked, “I’m just dropping by to tell you something.” Grinning from ear to ear, Mr. Charles spoke in hushed tones, “ Didn’t I tell you about the bet? I put all my secret stash that you’ll continue to run your business even though you’ve become Mrs. York, and I earned a profit.

You’re still working here.

“They won’t believe me.

They think you’ll just enjoy life as the wife of a rich man and stay out of the public eye now that you’ve become Mrs. York.

Let the record show that I won! They lost! Hahaha! It’s a shame that my secret stash isn’t much.

Otherwise, I’d win more money.” 1 Serenity nearly threw up her food.

She congratulated Mr. Charles with a smile, “Congrats on winning, Mr. Charles.” “Tt’s just a bit.


I should’ve told my wife, so we can put all our money together into the bet.

We would have won a lot of money.” Serenity told him off, “You will be left with nothing if your wife finds out.” She knew that Mrs. Charles wore the pants in the house.

Mr. Charles got a monthly allowance of five hundred bucks from his wife and nothing more.

Mrs. Charles would give him extra for some cigarettes and alcohol, so Mr. Charles could save the five hundred bucks if he wanted to.

Mrs. Charles was on top of the household finances, paying the expenses for Mr. Charles’ parents too.

He had nothing to worry about, except his personal allowance of five hundred bucks, so he could save half of the money without a problem.

Mr. Charles probably pocketed some money when the stock came in for their shop.

In short, he had a sizable stash, and he would have won a lot more from the bet if he put everything he had into it.

Of course, Mrs. Charles would confiscate the money if she were to find out.


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